L - Your Honor S02E10 Season 2 Episode 10
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Michael, Fia, Rocco, and Elizabeth go through Adam's things when they see his signed baseball.

Eugene and Lee discuss the case, while Olivia and Nancy talk about what's next for Olivia once the trial ends.

Gina asks her father to put her as head of the family, but he declines.

Big Mo visits Jimmy with a proposition, but Jimmy turns her down.

Michael gets served a subpoena.

Michael takes the stand, and the prosecution examines him on the events of the day Adam died. He talks the truth. In cross, Lee asks many questions that have them revisiting the days before the shooting.

Fia learns of Adam's involvement in Rocco's death from the trial and leaves the house.

The Baxters contemplate killing Michael.

Eugene decides to take the stand.

In her examination, Lee reveals that there was no way a gas leak killed Eugene's family because the gas company had turned off the gas weeks prior.

After the session, Olivia offers Eugene protective custody, releasing him from the trial and potential jail time.

Big Mo informs Gina that she offered Jimmy the bar, but he turned her down. Angry, Gina lies to her father about Jimmy, and Carmine finds Jimmy and shoots him.

Gina calls the police about the shooting.

Eugene is released from prison and goes to federal protective custody. Gina buys the bar.

Michael returns to prison, Fia gives Rocco to Father Jay, and leaves.

Gina and Carlo take over the Baxter operation. Jimmy wakes up in the hospital. Carmine goes to prison.

Your Honor
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Your Honor Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Gina: What the hell do you want?
Big Mo: Just hoping to talk to the man of the house.
Gina: He's indisposed.
Big Mo: Oh, that's too bad. Just curious to see if he'd given any more thought to my offer he rejected, but...
Gina: What offer?
Big Mo: Oh, he didn't tell you? I tried to sell him the club. Knew you'd want to get me off the block, but... guess it doesn't matter to him.
Gina: Excuse me.

Eugene: We couldn't cook... because we didn't have any gas.
Lee: Your gas had been shut off. Eugene, are you sure about that?
Eugene: Yeah, we-we didn't have enough money for-for bills, or.... We didn't have gas for weeks.