If Heaven does exist, Rocco is the only one who's going to be there.


Everyone keeps saying... "mother and her children." My mom was Female Jones, and her kids were Goodluck, Sophie... and Rose. And they have names.


[to Eugene] Stay out of trouble, okay?


Gina: What the hell do you want?
Big Mo: Just hoping to talk to the man of the house.
Gina: He's indisposed.
Big Mo: Oh, that's too bad. Just curious to see if he'd given any more thought to my offer he rejected, but...
Gina: What offer?
Big Mo: Oh, he didn't tell you? I tried to sell him the club. Knew you'd want to get me off the block, but... guess it doesn't matter to him.
Gina: Excuse me.

Eugene: We couldn't cook... because we didn't have any gas.
Lee: Your gas had been shut off. Eugene, are you sure about that?
Eugene: Yeah, we-we didn't have enough money for-for bills, or.... We didn't have gas for weeks.

I should tell you... I spoke with an assistant U.S. attorney. I refused to cooperate, but they are investigating you. So, whatever it is you are doing with the Calabri family, you need to stop. They're watching everything you do.


They solved the case. Then they unsolved the case. And now they promise you they've solved it again. Every witness they are going to call has their own reason to point the finger at Eugene Jones. It's almost as if all of their problems will vanish if they can just dispose of this boy. Sometimes, the city can turn against you. It will allow your life to crumble, and your family to be wiped out. The levees are supposed to hold. But when they don't... ...don't trust anyone.

Ms. Lee

But the State won't be calling him to testify. We can't ask him why he lied. We can't ask why. Detective Rudy Cunningham of the NOPD attempted to murder this child in the middle of our city. Once it was clear his plot had been foiled, Detective Cunningham took his own life using the same gun he'd used to shoot Eugene. We will never get his answer to the most burning question of all -- what were you trying to cover up?

Ms. Lee

And I hate this building because inside these walls I learned the most painful lesson of my life. Don't trust anyone. I don't know about you, but I'm already very, very confused. Up until a few months ago, Eugene Jones was dead. We knew that because the NOPD told us that he was dead. That's the same NOPD that swore up and down that my client was a killer, and then swore up and down that they'd found his dead body. And just like that, the Baxter House shooting was solved, and the Quarter was safe again. An officer named Rudy Cunningham cracked the case and solved the murder of Adam Desiato.

Ms Lee

Eugene Jones sat in the courtroom and watched Carlo Baxter get acquitted on all charges for the murder of his brother, Kofi. And then Eugene Jones took matters into his own hands. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, this is a case about simple revenge. It's not complicated. The State will show that Eugene Jones purchased a gun and came to the hotel that night with murder on his mind. He fired the gun at Carlo Baxter and killed Adam Desiato instead. You will be presented with ample evidence that supports these facts. Eyewitness accounts, forensic analysis, and other testimony. All of it, seen in its totality, will point toward one clear conclusion -- that Eugene Jones be found guilty of first-degree murder.


Eugene: And if I take the deal, I-I got to plead guilty.
Lee: You do.
Eugene: And I got to say I murdered that kid. Do I get to explain my side of the story?
Lee: I just want this to be over for you while you're still young.
Eugene: Well, how can I do that if the whole world thinks I'm just some thug who shot up a hotel?
Lee: This is the best deal you're gonna get.
Eugene: No deal. I want my trial.

Gina: Can I ask you a personal question?
Donetta: Yeah.
Gina: In light of how your son died, if a heroin dealer moved in across the street from you...
Donetta: I would burn their house to the ground.
Gina: Maybe you and I are gonna be good friends.

Your Honor Quotes

Fia: Why did this happen?
Jimmy: It's a senseless act of violence.
Fia: Was it? I know violence is a part of this family. Carlo killed someone. Mom, her family... I know what people think about them. I-I've heard the stories. They can't all be lies.

Why can't you people just let me die in peace?