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In Rio, Silva, the drug lord, has kidnapped Chloe and Mitch. Abraham goes to Gabriella and asks for her help in rescuing Chloe and Mitch. Gabriella is just about to drop the poison over the city for the bats. The bats cut out power to the city, and Gabriella assures Abraham that she will do everything that she can. 

In Mobile, Agent Shaffer and Jackson meet Jamie at the crash site. She tells them that Evan Lee Hartley stole the Mother Cell. Jackson says that the most important thing is that Jamie is okay...she disagrees. The most important thing is that Evan has the cell, and they have no idea what he will do with it. 

In Paris, a woman has come home from grocery shopping... little does she know that a bear is in her home. As she puts away dishes, she hears the low growl, and turns to see the bear, roaring, and ready to attack.

Silva wants Mitch and Chloe to explain why the rats aren't afraid of humans anymore to prove that they are who they say they are. Mitch tries to give Silver the explanation, but he doesn't want to hear it. He believes their story, but doesn't want to give them the antenna service that they need to get rid of the bats. Silver tells them that if they can't find another way, he will kill them. 

Chloe tells Silva that they need supplies to build an antenna. Mitch wonders what Chloe was thinking...she tells him that they just need to stay alive long enough for Abraham to find them.

As Jamie recounts what happened to her to Agent Shaffer, Jackson has a thought... he compares two photos of Evan Lee, and he finds that Evan Lee has the defiant pupil. Agent Shaffer wants to help Jamie remember more details from the crash, if she is willing to try. He hypnotizes her, and she is able to remember more significant details about the crash, including Evan's clothing, and the vehicle he was driving, and his license plate. 

Evan Lee Hartley goes to see an optometrist. He wants cells taken from his optic nerve. The doctor is very hesitant to perform the procedure, but Evan threatens to kill him if he doesn't. Evan is inserting the cells from the Mother Cell into his nerve cell. He mixes the two, and then demands that the doctor put the cells back into his eye.

After the bear mauls the woman, she hides in a pantry, and the bear continues to eat the food in her kitchen. She realizes that her cell phone is charging on the counter, as the bear trashes her kitchen. 

Back in Rio, Mitch and Chloe are building their contraption, and Mitch suddenly realizes their going about this all wrong. They need to focus on driving the bats out, not luring them in. Abraham finds one of Silva's lackeys and demands that he take him to Silva. Instead, he brings Abraham to a warehouse, where the rest of the gang is waiting. Abraham sees the bats in the rafters of the warehouse. Someone fires a gun, the bats attack, and Abraham uses the distraction to beat all of the men down. He demands to be taken to Silva.

Jackson calls Chloe, but it goes straight to voicemail. Jamie researches Evan's vehicle on her own, she doesn't want to wait for the FBI. Jackson has some research of his own... the animal attacks are consistent with Reiden products all over the world. Jackson fears that his father was right... the whole world is going to hell. Jamie gets a text. Someone found Evan Lee. 

Jamie and Jackson find Agent Shaffer in the hotel lobby, and he has no knowledge of Evan having been spotted. They head to the optometrist and hear Evan's screams from outside. Jackson breaks the glass door, and grabs Evan just as the doctor is done inserting the cells back into Evan's eye. Jackson wants answers. Evan says that Robert did this to him... and dies. Jamie takes the Mother Cell, and Agent Shaffer sends Jamie and Jackson away, telling them that he needs to call this in to his field office. 

The woman in the pantry hiding from the bear tries to reach her cell phone using a long bell stick. The bear hears her knock the phone to the ground, and sets his sights on her.

Chloe and Mitch are waiting to find out if their device works. While they are waiting, Mitch tells Chloe that he is not optimistic. She yells at him for putting up his defense mechanisms again. He tells her that he's been dead for three years. Chloe knows about Clementine, Mitch's daughter. She's read his file. Clem got diagnosed three years ago. Mitch tells Chloe the story, Clem got sick, and her mom married a great guy, and Mitch decided to get out of the picture. But as her condition worsened, he wanted to put her through more and more tests. Her mom put a stop to it, to allow Clem to live a normal life. Now, he hasn't been around for so long that he feels like he can't call her again. Chloe urges him to. 

With Abraham holding a gun to Silver's head, he releases Chloe and Mitch. Silva is waiting for Abraham to kill him, but he won't. It's not worth it... he leaves. Silva turns on his man who gave him away, beginning to beat him, but Abraham reappears to knock Silva unconscious. Chloe and Mitch's machine begins to whir, and bats are suddenly flying out of Rio. The machine worked. 

Agent Shaffer knocks on Jamie's hotel room door. She answers, in a towel, and he asks why she isn't out celebrating, now that she has the evidence to take down Reiden. He says her bad day turned out pretty good. He wants to celebrate with her. She invites him in, and they kiss. Jamie asks him for just a minute, and heads to the bathroom to dry her hair. As soon as he hears the blow dryer turn on, Agent Shaffer begins searching through Jamie's drawers and bags, looking for the Mother Cell. 

Down at the hotel restaurant, Jackson again reaches out to Chloe, but gets her voicemail. He sees a headline on the news about the doctor's office. The headline says that two are dead, an unknown man, and the doctor. Jackson quickly realizes that Agent Shaffer killed the doctor, and races to tell Jamie. He calls her, and tells her about it in time. Agent Shaffer grabs the phone, telling her that she is a terrible liar. He wants the Mother Cell.

Jackson and Agent Shaffer fight in a stairwell, as Jamie struggles to break out of her lamp chord handcuffs. Jackson asks Shaffer if Reiden paid him off. Just then Jamie appears in the stairwell, and shoots Shaffer until he dies. 

In Paris, the woman is safe. A team is monitoring the bear, who is sedated on the floor, and a man assures the woman that there are no other bears. They leave, and the team monitoring the bear discover that the bear is not injured or sedated... he is hibernating. In summer.

Back in the US, Mitch calls Clementine. Clem tells Mitch that Henry got hit by a car, but that he's okay. Mitch tells her that he wants to come and see them. They hang up, and he orders a drink. Chloe, Abraham and Mitch wonder where they'll be headed next. Jamie and Jackson join them, and share that the have the Mother Cell. Our team has a lot of catching up to do. 

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You are one clever cookie.