Mitch! How dare you?! Clem's baby is critical for the sterilization cure, and you sent him away without consulting us!!


North America is safe now, but none of that will matter if we exceed the nest threshold. That's game over for everyone.


Mitch: Jackson, think about it. Every animal in North America is going to become a part of her hybrid army. What then?
Jackson: One problem at a time, Mitch. One problem at a time.

Jackson: I didn't do it for the baby. I did it for me.
Abe: What do you mean?
Jackson: Sam is Connor, Abe. Sam is my son.

Jackson: If you hurt him, Abigail, I swear to God, I will kill you.
Abigail: The baby's fine. Logan? Not so much.

You can't fire long-range missiles at those things. The loss of life will be astronomical.


Abe: If Abigail is the one who told you Sam is your son, why would you believe her?
Jackson: Because she had proof.

Logan died trying to protect this baby. Jackson, let's get my baby back.


Mitch: Why don't you like the baby?
Jamie: Because you're right.
Mitch: I know I'm right. Can you be more specific?
Jamie: Because I'm the darkness.

Mitch: Since when do you KNIT?
Clem: Since I was having a baby.

Mitch: So, in honor of that, all that matters is keeping you and this baby, this currently unnamed baby, safe.
Clementine: I thought I'd have a little more time to think on it.
Mitch: Oh, right. Accelerated pregnancy.
Clementine: What do you think about Cadmus?
Mitch: What? Did your cult-member boyfriend give you that one?
Clementine: Don't be mean.
Mitch: How about Chris Cornell?
Clementine: Nice try.

It's crazy. We made a little human.


Zoo Quotes

They were raised in cages. In a way, they're kind of the victims here.


All men are unknowable. With animals, you know where you stand.