11 Characters We'll Miss Like Crazy

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Now the 2016-17 television season has wrapped, we're left with losses due to death, stories that ended and shows that went off the air.

We've chosen 11 (OK, so we cheated a little) who we are going to miss like crazy.

You can find them in the slides below, but don't let our say be the last on the matter.

Share your thoughts. What characters took their leave by seasons' end that you will be forever looking over your shoulder (or around the television guide) to see if you can find them again?

1. Crowley - Supernatural

Crowley - Supernatural
Crowley from Supernatural. The frenemy of Sam and Dean sacrificed himself to try and put an end to Lucifer once and for all. It has been announced he will not be back as a series regular, but there is hope he may do guest spots from time to time. He will be missed. - Ron

2. Erin Lindsay - Chicago PD

Erin Lindsay - Chicago PD
Chicago PD won't be the same without Erin Lindsay. She's always been an integral part of the show, and a good chunk of the serialized drama has focused on her. Her relationship with Voight is so fascinating and complex; it's one of the main reasons to watch. It's hard to imagine Intelligence without her. - Stacy

3. Emma Swan - Once Upon a Time

Emma Swan - Once Upon a Time
Emma Swan. Once Upon a Time plans to reset itself focused on Henry, but Jennifer Morrison's decision not to continue with the series is going to leave a big hole. Possibly one that we won't be able to see past. Emma's character journey has guided and centered the show for six seasons, and it'll never be the same without her. - Mandy

4. Stephanie Edwards - Grey's Anatomy

Stephanie Edwards - Grey's Anatomy
Stephanie Edwards. Grey's Anatomy has been on for 13 seasons, so a revolving door of characters have come and gone. You get used to it. Stephanie Edwards will be missed, though. She's the closest character we had left to the great Cristina Yang. We just started learning more about her within the past two seasons, and could've learned so much more bit she's gone. She was the most badass resident they had. In fact, after surviving a crazy rapist, an explosion, and an inferno, she left the show more badass than when she came in. - Jasmine

5. Bonnie Bennett - The Vampire Diaries

Bonnie Bennett - The Vampire Diaries
Bonnie Bennett. She may not be dead, but The Vampire Diaries is, and, well, I just don't see her making her way to The Originals with Freya already the resident loophole finder. - Paul

6. Jackie - Powerless

Jackie - Powerless
Christina Kirk's Jackie on Powerless: With the demise of Powerless, I'll miss Jackie's straight-shooting flat affect antidote to Emily's gut-churning effervescence. Jackie got to be the real person in a show situated in impossibilities. Kirk carried off the long-suffering, over-capable assistant to the a-hole exec with cool and deadpan delivery. - Diana

7. Wu - Grimm

Wu - Grimm
Sgt. Wu, Grimm: With Grimm going after six seasons, it's a sad farewell I bid to Sergeant Drew Wu, who was always ready with the witty repartee even in the grimmest (heh) moments. Despite being one of the few ordinary humans on Team Grimm, Wu stood by his friends through thick and thin... once he was finally let in on the secret of monsters in the world, that is. - Katie

8. Ernestine - Underground

Ernestine - Underground
All of the characters on Underground were amazing but Ernestine will go down as one of the greatest, most compelling characters of all time. She was the embodiment of a black womanhood and motherhood unlike anything we've seen captured in a television series. She was cunning, clever, intuitive, protective, fearless and smart. Many of Underground's best moments were watching her outwit and work within the confinement of the times. - Jasmine

9. Harry - Quantico

Harry - Quantico
Harry from Quantico was the most beloved character of the season. He was charming, smart, funny and a little broken. He and Alex had a great rapport that was similar to her friendship with Simon Asher in season one. Of all the new recruits introduced he was the most interesting and entertaining one. It was a shame that Russell Tovey had other engagements because Harry's absence was felt the rest of the season. - Jasmine

10. Everyone - Chicago Justice

Everyone - Chicago Justice
The whole cast of Chicago Justice since my favorite new show was canceled after being on the bubble forever with a high chance of renewal! I especially found Peter Stone interesting, and now his desire to live up to his father (the original Law and Order's Ben Stone)'s expectations will never be resolved! - Jack

11. Cast - The Leftovers

Cast - The Leftovers
The entire cast of The Leftovers. There has rarely been an ensemble that has affected me in such a way, but they've ingrained themselves into my psyche. My wish is that everyone eventually gets to know them as I have come to know them. - Carissa

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