11 Provocative Prisoners on TV

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In honor of the release of Orange is the New Black Season 3, we're taking a look at some TV characters who have found themselves in rough waters over the years.

Some of them were on television for the sole purpose of being in prison. Others were sent behind bars for the criminal acts committed that we watched unfold before our eyes. In every case, they were caught, but still we saw through their actions to their humanity.

Heck, there's a little piece of all of us that likes a bad boy or a bad girl. We find 'em kinda sexy. That's why they're being celebrated this Sexy Saturday!

1. Cookie Lyon - Empire

Cookie Lyon - Empire
Cookie spent 17 years in prison for drug hustling charges that gave her and Lucious the money to start Empire. Needless to say, she did very well for herself since getting out. With the tables turned, it will be intresting to see how long her ex sneers at her from behind bars, especially now that she's got her groove back!

2. Michael Scofield - Prison Break

Michael Scofield - Prison Break
Michael was an odd one, given that he deliberately sent himself to prison in order to break out his brother (another sexy bugger), Lincoln Burrows, before he was executed for a crime he didn't commit. That seems like a decent reason. Oh yeah, he had his body tattooed with a blueprint of the prison. Smart! Good looking, too. No wonder they're reconsidering yet another go of this one!

3. Carlos Solis - Desperate Housewives

Carlos Solis - Desperate Housewives
Thanks to his wife, Gabrielle, and her infidelity, Carlos suffered from some anger management issues. He took to beating people up and was eventually charged with hate crimes when he assaulted the wrong man for sleeping with Gaby. I thought he went back to prison later in the series, but darn if I can find a record of it on the internet. Has it been that long since the show was on?!

4. Emily Thorne - Revenge

Emily Thorne - Revenge
Emily confessed to murdering Victoria Grayson in the Revenge Series Finale, although it was all a setup for Victoria to come back as Mary Gaines and get her big revengenda on Emily. Nonetheless, Emily was sent (in no time flat, mind you) to maximum security prison, just like on a Monopoly board! She didn't get to stop and collect a thing before being sent. Even in prison orange, Emily (or Amanda) looked fabulous.

5. Ryan O'Reily - OZ

Ryan O'Reily - OZ
O'Reily was an Irish-American inmate in the OZ Maximum Security Penitentiary, sentenced to 12 years to life for killing two people while under the influence and then to 40 to life after confessing he had his brother, Cyril, kill someone for him. A brain damaged Cyril later arrived at OZ to serve time with Ryan. Fun fact, he was the cause of nearly every death in the first season of OZ. If you've never seen this show, there's no time like the present to hit HBO Now to watch it. He was a terrible criminal, but had that bad boy spirit you just couldn't resist.

6. Alex Vause - Orange is the New Black

Alex Vause - Orange is the New Black
Alex is back in prison for Orange is the New Black Season 3 and part of it is because of Piper. It's probably down to the drug charges again, but much like Alex, it's easier to wonder exactly how she wound up back there. She seems softer and more vulnerable than ever before, really willing to change. It's almost impossible to imagine her going back to her line of work again, which is refreshing.

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