11 Sexy Men of Summer TV

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Why head to the beach this summer? You can turn on your television, and find no shortage of heat from the men starring on some of our favorite summertime shows! 

We've got a werewolf, a zoologist, a lawyer, astronauts and more making our temperatures rise.

Turn up your air conditioners and cool down while checking out just a few of the sexiest men of summer TV! 

1. Tyler Posey, Teen Wolf

Tyler Posey, Teen Wolf
Whether he's got puppy-eyes or shades of red, Scott McCall has the market cornered on being a hot werewolf. With a smile that will make you blush, animal instincts that make you tingly, and an intensity that you will melt over, Scott is easily swoon-worthy. Tyler Posey might only be a werewolf on television, but there's no lack of folks who wouldn't mind being bit by this yummy Alpha.

2. Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Extant

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Extant
He's steaming up televisions around the world this summer as JD RIchter on Extant, a bounty-hunter cop who's helping Molly investigate unusual pregnancies, and we couldn't be happier. It's been far too long since Jeffrey Dean Morgan was on our TV screens! No one does mysterious and sexy quite like him.

3. James Wolk, Zoo

James Wolk, Zoo
Who knew that zoologists were so dreamy? On Zoo, Jackson Oz is showing us that there's something enticing about a man who knows nearly everything about animals, and can also save you from a pack of lions in the wilderness. We definitely wouldn't mind a summertime safari date with James Wolk!

4. Christian Slater, Mr. Robot

Christian Slater, Mr. Robot
Mr. Robot is the leader of fsociety, a team of hackers looking for a digital revolution. Now that he's the bad boy of the computer world, Christian Slater is showing everyone that being a tech whiz is extremely appealing, and also that he's just as striking as he was 30 years ago.

5. Liev Schreiber, Ray Donovan

Liev Schreiber, Ray Donovan
Ray Donovan is a problem solver, fixing Hollywood's problems while trying to keep his own at bay. Everyone loves a good guy with a dark side hiding underneath the surface. Even after taking a beating (or giving one out), Liev Schrieber still leaves us breathless on the edge of our seats... this irresistable fixer can fix us any day!

6. Gabriel Macht, Suits

Gabriel Macht, Suits
Harvey Specter makes the law enthralling without even breaking a sweat. He's cutthroat, will do anything for a win, and closes cases with style and charisma. He's smooth, intelligent and pretty easy on the eyes. And as for Garbiel Macht's sexy television wardrobe? Come on... nothing suits him better than those suits.

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