12 Monkeys: Season 2 Picture Preview

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Syfy's post-apocalyptic hit returns for more timey wimey thrills on April 18 at 9/8c.

If you followed my coverage last year, you're well aware 12 Monkeys was one of my absolute favorite new shows of 2015. Well, after screening the first half of the second season, I can tell you that showrunners Terry Matalas and Travis Fickett have blown my mind all over again. The series remains highly unpredictable and brilliantly written.

Sure 12 Monkeys Season 2 feels familiar, after all we spent 13 episodes hanging out in that world last year. However, the story and character dynamics are so frakkin' fresh that it's almost as if we're watching a brand new television show. Allies turn on one another, while enemies become fast friends... it's crazier than Ms. Goines herself!

Will Jennifer release the virus? How can Cole time travel if the paradox crippled him permanently? Are he and Ramse BFF's again? What the heck is Cassie up to in 2043, and with Deacon no less? How many times will Jones utter the phrase "initiate splinter sequence"? What's the army of the 12 Monkeys planning this time around?

Take a few moments to flip through this slideshow and get reacquainted with the characters. I've also dropped a few hints at what's in store for each of our favorites. Well, except the Witness, whose identity I've heard we will learn this season.

The season 2 premiere of 12 Monkeys is available beginning today on Hulu, Syfy.com, the Syfy Now app, and On Demand in advance of its broadcast debut. The season officially launches on Monday, April 18th.

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1. Time Traveling Duo Returns - 12 Monkeys

Time Traveling Duo Returns - 12 Monkeys
Cole and Cassie return, only at the start of Season 2 their positions have switched. He has softened a bit, while her time in the future has made her tougher.

2. A New Kind of Hero - 12 Monkeys

A New Kind of Hero - 12 Monkeys
Remember the Cole who would kill at the drop of a hat to prevent the plague that destroyed mankind? Well, jumping through time and rebooting his system via a paradox not only trapped him in the past, but changed him forever.

3. The Future Changes You - 12 Monkeys

The Future Changes You - 12 Monkeys
Cassie was the idealistic doctor who swore to preserve human life at all cost. Flash forward to 2043, the good doctor has morphed into a badass fighting machine after finding herself stuck in Cole's violent time.

4. Ally to Traitor and Back Again - 12 Monkeys

Ally to Traitor and Back Again - 12 Monkeys
Jose Ramse has gone from sidekick, to time traveler, to traitor and back again all in the name of saving his son. What will his relationship with Cole be like this season? Can they ever trust one another again? Ramse did save Cassie's life in the Season 1 finale... so there's that.

5. Cuckoo For Cocoa Puffs - 12 Monkeys

Cuckoo For Cocoa Puffs - 12 Monkeys
Jennifer is cuckoo for cocoa puffs... but is she really? There seems to be more to her than just batshit crazy. When last we saw her, she was sitting on a jet plane carrying the virus. Will she go through with the monkey's plan to unleash the plague?

6. Hannah Still Means Everything - 12 Monkeys

Hannah Still Means Everything - 12 Monkeys
Jones' daughter, Hannah, still drives the brilliant physicist's mission to alter the past and erase their dark reality. Katarina has done some questionable things in the name of restoring the world. What surprises does time have in store for her this season?

7. Villain or Mentor? - 12 Monkeys

Villain or Mentor? - 12 Monkeys
Deacon caused a ton of trouble for our heroes last season. Including breaking into Jones' facility with those creepy blue dudes (the Messengers). In the end though, the Scav King's all about survival and there's no one better to teach Cassie a thing or two about their post-apocalyptic world.

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