Friends and Fans Flock to Help Michael Hogan In His Time of Need

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You may not be aware, but Michael Hogan suffered a fall recently, and his friends, family, and fans have answered a call for help.

Michael Hogan's career has spanned over forty years, and in that time, he has portrayed such larger-than-life figures as Saul Tigh on Battlestar Galactica (2004), Otto Gerhhardt on Fargo, Dr. Eckland on 12 Monkeys, and Gerard Argent on Teen Wolf.

He often attends conventions and, from personal experience, I know that he is a kind and warm individual who was willing to chat with this fan girl when she accosted him in a Vancouver hotel lounge.

Michael Hogan Fund

So the tragedy of the injury he sustained in February of this year and the subsequent health setbacks exacerbated by COVID-19 restrictions is just heart-breaking.

This may be slipped right by your attention despite the many times you have enjoyed inviting Hogan into your homes through your TV.

But the sad events are best told by Hogan's wife, Susan, as was shared on the Michael Hogan Fund GoFundMe page.

Michael Hogan Smile

You probably know Michael as an actor. Or maybe you know him as a friend, an acquaintance, a co-worker, a father, a grandfather, or a husband. My husband. I am Susan Hogan and I am married to this extraordinary man. We have been each other’s best friend for decades.

On Feb. 17, 2020, everything changed drastically in our world. Michael was in Vancouver participating in a Battlestar Galactica convention, and at dinner following his day’s work, he fell and hit his head. Hard. He went to bed that night not realizing that the impact had caused a massive brain bleed.

He was unable to be woken the next morning and was taken to Vancouver General Hospital and emergency surgery performed. It took 57 staples to close the part of his scull they had to remove in order to reach the damage.

Michael Hogan BSG

The accident left him with complete paralysis on his left side, memory loss, cogntivie impairment and an inability to swallow.

Then things became incredibly more difficult during the COVID pandemic with visits by family being restricted then denied and no care team (physiotherapist, OT, speech therapist, etc.) allowed in.

On September 21, 2020, family friend Shari Ulrich set up a GoFundMe and reached out to Hogan's colleagues, friends, and fans to help.

In a single day, with many actors spreading the word through their social media platforms, the GoFundMe surpassed its initial goal of $150,000 with over four thousand individuals donating.

bsg pic

A new goal has been set as the costs of home care and rehabilitation are unpredictable and will be long-term costs for the family.

Ulrich, as the GoFundMe organizer, has been amazed and grateful by the outpouring of support. She has printed out the many messages of support and love for Susan Hogan to take to her husband.

She continues to update the fundraiser page with information from Susan and Michael. 

Although the situation remains incredibly challenging, Ulrich describes Michael as "ONE TOUGH GUY" and holds out hope for his eventual recovery.

Meeting Michael Hogan

That's me, above. I've enjoyed Michael Hogan and wanted to share his situation with you. 

The fundraiser continues to gather donations at the Michael Hogan Fund.

If you're a fan, too, maybe you can share this news with others who might be able to help.

Diana Keng is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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