13 Characters We Love Even if We'd Never Hang Out With Them

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One of the best things about television is that we get to meet all sorts of people that we would never cross paths with in real life.

Whether they are doctors, super-rich businesswomen, or ordinary people with exaggerated character traits, TV is full of larger-than-life characters. And after spending week after week with them, these characters often begin to feel like friends.

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But not all great characters make great friends. Here's our list of the top 13 characters we wouldn't want to hang out with in real life.

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1. Kayce Dutton - Yellowstone

Kayce Dutton - Yellowstone
Kayce Dutton is one of those heroes who does the wrong thing for the right reasons, all the time. He's committed to making things fairer for the indigenous people who have been shoved onto reservations and then treated as inferior, but he does it through often-lethal violence, making him the kind of person it might be uncomfortable to be friends with.

2. Kate Roberts - Days of Our Lives

Kate Roberts - Days of Our Lives
Kate is the ultimate Diva. She's usually cool, calm and collected as she threatens people, poisons them, throws them in rivers... or lies about what happened. Not that she wouldn't be a great friend to have (who doesn't want someone who is willing to do literally anything to avenge you?), but the risk of bodily harm if you say or do the wrong thing is way too high.

3. Hank Voight - Chicago PD

Hank Voight - Chicago PD
The idea of Hank Voight is appealing. He's the perfect anti-hero: the vigilante cop who goes to any lengths to rid the streets of crime (especially if the criminals attacked his family). But hanging out with him would be complicated and dangerous, to say the least, and more often than not he goes way too far -- who wants to be responsible for the burden of keeping his behavior secret?

4. Sheldon Cooper - Big Bang Theory

Sheldon Cooper - Big Bang Theory
Sheldon Cooper's antics are far funnier when you're not the one experiencing them. It's not surprising that his friends on the show get irritated with everything from the way he calls their names three times while knocking to his total lack of understanding of how relationships work. While it's nice to see a non-neurotypical person represented on TV, hanging out with him would probably be as annoying as it is for the rest of the gang on the show.

5. Diane Lockhart - The Good Wife/The Good Fight

Diane Lockhart - The Good Wife/The Good Fight
Diane Lockhart is a good lawyer for all the reasons she isn't a good friend. She's ruthless, ambitious, and aggressive -- all while keeping it classy. But her primary loyalty is to herself, so she's not the kind of friend you can trust with your darkest secrets.

6. Danny Reagan - Blue Bloods

Danny Reagan - Blue Bloods
Danny is the most hotheaded of all the Regan siblings. He's stubborn and impulsive, and he toes the line between acceptable and unacceptable behavior in order to get confessions out of criminals. He's the kind of guy you want to watch out for, and that hair-trigger temper might make hanging out with him less fun than it ought to be.

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