13 Dream Gigs for Dormant TV Actors

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There are just some people we can't live without on our television sets.

Remember when we first set eyes on Marcia Cross? She had an iconic role as Bree Van De Kamp on ABC's hit Desperate Housewives. Where is her character today and has any of her traits changed?

Then there's Charlie Hunnam from Sons of Anarchy. The dude may be having a successful movie career, but it doesn't help us see him on a weekly basis, right? Wouldn't he fit in very well on Game of Thrones?

Have a look at our gallery of stars we adore and their next potential career move and what it means for the character!


1. Scheming Opportunist on Empire - Bethany Joy Lenz

Scheming Opportunist on Empire - Bethany Joy Lenz
Lenz' most notable role to date has got to be that of Haley James Scott on One Tree Hill. She would be a fantastic addition to Fox's hit series Empire. She could easily play a scheming opportunist who blackmails Jamal with some very dirty secrets about his family in order to secure a lucrative record deal.

2. Game of Thrones Villain - Charlie Hunnam

Game of Thrones Villain - Charlie Hunnam
Hunnam may have left Sons of Anarchy behind, but he should be back on the small screen like now! With his rugged good looks, wouldn't Charlie Hunnam be a natural fit to portray a villain on Game of Thrones? His character could be a nemesis for Khaleesi as she tries to reason with the Dothraki clan, now that it looks like she'll be with them a while.

3. Obsessed on Mistresses - Blake Lively

Obsessed on Mistresses - Blake Lively
Is anyone else missing Serena from Gossip Girl? Let's be honest, Blake Lively would slot right into the show as one of the mistresses, but what if she had some beef with Joss and just so happened to be working her way through her back catalog of men? Is she obsessed, or is it all just a coincidence?

4. A Shared Past on Grey's Anatomy - Nina Dobrev

A Shared Past on Grey's Anatomy - Nina Dobrev
Nina Dobrev officially bid adieu to The Vampire Diaries a few months back, but we're already missing Dobrev from the TV landscape. What if she showed up ay Seattle Grace as a new doctor, who just happens to share a past with another doctor? This sounds like a winner to us!

5. Weirdly Obsessed on Supergirl - Teri Hatcher

Weirdly Obsessed on Supergirl - Teri Hatcher
Where is Teri Hatcher right now? She was on ABC's smash Desperate Housewives. What if Kara saved Hatcher's character from a certain death and it lead to a weird obsession? Hatcher would literally be showing up everywhere Kara is and she'd be sending her threatening messages, but why is she doing this? We'd have to tune in for the truth!

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