13 Characters Who Can Keep You Alive in the Wild

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You're stranded in the woods. Which TV characters would you choose to help you survive the ordeal?

We have compiled a list of some of the best candidates.

Some of these characters can fish or hunt, some of them have tracking skills that could help you get back to civilization, and some of them have medical training in case you get hurt.

Others on this list were chosen for their strong-wills or ability to function under pressure or in high stress situations.

All of them can handle the great outdoors.

Check out our picks and then be sure to hit the comments and let us know yours!

Disclaimer: Superheroes were not considered for this slideshow. Of course we'd all pick Supergirl or the Flash if we could, but that's no fun.

1. Daryl - The Walking Dead

Daryl - The Walking Dead
If you watch The Walking Dead, you know why Daryl is on this list. He's a tracker, so he might be your best shot at getting back to civilzation. He's never without his crossbow, so hunting food won't be a problem. He's also got a good heart, and will do whatever it takes to keep you alive.

2. Ron - Parks and Recreation

Ron - Parks and Recreation
With Ron, you can rest assured you won't be surviving on berries, that's not his style. He's a meat eater through and through, and he has no problem hunting and preparing his dinner. You'll be feasting on fish and other wild animals until you're rescued. He's also a talented woodworker, so chances are he'll build you a sturdy shelter.

3. Rousseau - Lost

Rousseau - Lost
While many characters on Lost have held their own after the plane crash, they at least had the help of each other. When Danielle Rousseau’s ship wrecked 16 years before, she was the sole survivor and 7 months pregnant. She endured many hardships, including the kidnapping of her daughter, but she learned to live off the land and became quite ruthless in her pursuit to survive.

4. Claire - Outlander

Claire - Outlander
Claire adapted surprisingly well after being transported from the 1940s to the 1700s, so she's already used to surviving without modern technology. She's resourceful and is a nurse, so if you get hurt, she'll find a way to patch it up with leaves and mud or whatever is around.

5. Mike - Last Man Standing

Mike - Last Man Standing
Mike works for a chain of sporting goods stores called "Outdoor Man," a trait that earns him a spot on this list. He's familiar with camping and hunting, and probably gets a pretty good discount on gear, so he'd be a good guy to have around in the woods.

6. Robin - Once Upon a Time

Robin - Once Upon a Time
Who better to help you navigate the woods than Robin Hood? He lives in a forest so he is no stranger to the great outdoors, and he's a thief, so he'll pillage for food if he has to. Plus, he's a skilled archer, so if he has his bow and arrow on him, hunting won't be a problem.

7. Jon Snow - Game of Thrones

Jon Snow - Game of Thrones
As a bastard son, Jon has always felt a bit like an outsider, which has taught him to be independent and to fend for himself. As part of the Night's Watch he ventures "beyond the wall" where he survives in the harshest of conditions, not to mention defending himself and the other "Crows" from the fierce Wildlings and horror-inducing White Walkers. Of course, having his loyal and ferocious direwolf, Ghost, around doesn't hurt either!

8. Jane - Rizzoli & Isles

Jane - Rizzoli & Isles
Okay, so Jane may not be the most "outdoorsy" person on this list. But, when she and Maura were trapped in the woods, she stepped up in a big way, cutting into Maura's leg and saving her life. Jane is strong-willed and great under pressure, so if she's by your side, she'll find a way to protect you.

9. Charlie - Revolution

Charlie - Revolution
Charlie grew up in a world without electricity, so she knows how to survive without technology. She's also used to getting everywhere on foot, so long hikes back to civilization would not be a problem. Plus, she's good with a gun, which could come in handy in the woods.

10. Cristina - Grey's Anatomy

Cristina - Grey's Anatomy
Cristina knows how to handle herself in a crisis. Yes, she initially had a minor freak out over her shoe after their plane crashed in the middle of nowhere, but after that she was all business. She had Mark pop in her dislocated shoulder, she made a backboard for the paralyzed pilot, and she did her best to keep bugs out of Arizona's leg. She even drank her own pee to stay alive. This girl is a survivor.

11. Nick - Grimm

Nick - Grimm
If you've ever been camping, you'll appreciate Nick's familiarity with all things that go bump in the night. You have nothing to fear with Nick around, given his Grimm-inherited preternatural hunter instincts, cache of supernatural wesen-killing weapons, and skills as a homicide detective. Be it a Chupacabra, Blutbad, or Hexenbiest - he's got you covered!

12. Severide - Chicago Fire

Severide - Chicago Fire
After Shay's death, Severide retreated to the woods for weeks, needing time alone to grieve. He's comfortable in the great outdoors, and those firefighter muscles would come in handy for carrying firewood. He's also in charge of a rescue squad, making him a great candidate for this list.

13. Walt - Longmire

Walt - Longmire
Walt is a sheriff in the middle-of-nowhere Wyoming, so he was basically born knowing how to "rough it." He can hunt and fish, no problem, especially if he has his gun on him. Plus, being that he is the sheriff of a small town, people are going to notice if he goes missing, so you'd definitely have people looking for you.

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