13 Reasons We Loved Supergirl Season 2

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Some shows experience a sophomore slump, and with so many changes going into Supergirl Season 2, we had our concerns. 

The CW proved to be the right home, despite meaning Calista Flockhart would no longer be a series regular. We love Cat, but we didn't miss her nearly as much as we thought we would. 

While the season wasn't perfect (we're looking at you, Guardian), the additions of talented guest stars, deep, meaningful story lines, and strong character development led to a vast improvement over Supergirl Season 1

We've picked out some of the reasons we thoroughly enjoyed the sophomore season. Do you agree with our assessment? Scroll through our list and let us know what you loved most!

If you want to relive them, feel free to watch Supergirl online and enjoy! 

1. New Network

New Network
Moving to The CW made perfect sense for Supergirl. It's part of the Arrowverse and changing locations facilitates crossovers like the attack of the dominators and the musical crossover with The Flash. Yes, the move from LA to Vancouver meant less Cat, but The CW proved to be the better fit.

2. Guest Stars Galore!

Guest Stars Galore!
Supergirl Season 2 featured so many amazing guest stars! Superhero fans reveled in appearances from Teri Hatcher, Lynda Carter, Kevin Sorbo, and Dean Cain. Plus, we had Tyler Hoechlin who did a fantastic job as Superman. The only complaint would be that Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain never had the chance to share a scene together!

3. Introduction of Lena

Introduction of Lena
Lena has been such a conundrum all season, and we loved every minute of it! Is she good? Is she evil? So far, we are firmly on the side of good, as she's bravely stood up to her evil mother, and been an amazing friend to Kara. But, there have been signs that the tables could turn. She is a Luthor after all. We hope she stays good, but mostly, we're just glad Katie McGrath will be a series regular on Supergirl Season 3!

4. Strong Friendships

Strong Friendships
While the Guardian persona didn't exactly take off, the story at least gave us plenty of growth for James and Winn's friendship.The two of them shared some wonderful bonding moments while risking their lives to protect the city. A fun bromance also developed between Winn and Mon-El, and Kara gained a new BFF in Lena.

5. Perfectly Tackled Alex's Coming Out

Perfectly Tackled Alex's Coming Out
We were very impressed with the way the show tackled Alex's coming out story and her developing relationship with Maggie. Her struggle to tell Kara about her growing feelings felt real, and Chyler Leigh knocked it out of the park. We were heartbroken with her when Maggie initially turned her down, but have enjoyed every second of seeing them together since she changed her mind.

6. Hilarous Jabs at the Current State of Politics

Hilarous jabs at the current state of politics

Kara: You said a good reporter should always cultivate her source.
Snapper: Sources. Plural. I'm not going to take your word for it. Way too much fake news out there, I can't risk it.

From Kara's comment before meeting President Marsdin, "How did anyone even vote for that other guy?" to Cat's riveting speech to resist the aliens who have promised to "make our world great again," Supergirl has had a little fun with current events. They even had an entire story centered around Cadmus trying to "deport" aliens from the planet.

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