13 Terrible TV Families to Make You Thankful for Your Own

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We all know how stressful the holidays can be. When you're feeling overwhelmed with your own family shenanigans, just remember that things could be worse.

Sure, Grandma Esther might pinch your cheeks and pester you about when you're finally going to settle down, but you're probably not too worried that she's poisoned the cranberry sauce.

So while you're counting to 10 before answering Uncle Carl's borderline bigoted question and avoiding Aunt Linda's attempts to discuss the presidential primaries, just remember things could be worse.

You could be sitting down to dinner with one of these families instead. 

1. Game of Thrones: The Lannisters

Game of Thrones: The Lannisters
Game of Thrones is full of terrible families, but the Lannisters are probably the worst. From twincest to attempted fraticide, this family is chock full of sociopaths. When they're not busy trying to kill each other, there are outside threats to worry about. In this family, instead of catching the big game, you're likely to endure the torture of a relative.

2. Tyrant: The Al-Fayeeds

Tyrant: The Al-Fayeeds
Sure, finding out you're set to inherit $100 million sounds great, but not when it comes with this family. Not only did patriarch Jamal rape his daughter-in-law on her wedding night, he accidentally murdered his mother in an attempt to kill his new-found son. With assassination plots, faked deaths, and an inter-family coup, their holiday dinner is sure to make yours look like a cake walk.

3. Scandal: The Popes

Scandal: The Popes
When your father is the head of a shadowy black ops group and your mother is a terroist, you're off to a bad start. Thanksgiving with the Popes would probably feature killer food from the best chef in town accompanied by the finest wines, but the conversation is sure to be littered with landmines.

4. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: The Johnsons

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: The Johnsons
A family with superpowers and a lot of unresolved angst, secrets, and betrayal? Dinner probably isn't going to end well. Somebody storming out or throwing a dinner roll is nothing in comparison to how this family feud would play out.

5. Empire: The Lyons

Empire: The Lyons
You'd think that doing seventeen years in prison for your husband would earn you some spousal loyalty, but not so with the Lyons. Fights in this family are less name calling and more hair-pulling, face-punching, and skull-crushing. You would not want to be stuck in the middle of the stuggle for the last piece of pie.

6. Revenge: The Graysons

Revenge: The Graysons
Sure, this family came to a Hamlet-esque end, but they were pretty terrible while they were still alive. In addition to a variety of crimes and an astounding amount of adultry, they take their revenge fantasies very seriously. Steer clear of this family's dinner table unless you want a carving knife in your back.

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