13 Terrible TV Families to Make You Thankful for Your Own

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7. Weeds: The Botwins

Weeds: The Botwins
Nancy Botwin might have started dealing to support her family, but she was quickly seduced by money and power. Marrying a Mexican drug lord, kidnapping their child, and ending up in prison gave her kids more than a few things to talk about on the therapist's couch. They only thing that would save this meal is Uncle Andy's gastronomic prowess (and maybe a sample of Silas' product).

8. Sons of Anarchy: The Tellers

Sons of Anarchy: The Tellers
Members of the Teller family tend to wind up dead, often at the hands of another Teller. The Tellers are all involved in the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club which brings with it a life of crime, violence, and danger. Be thankful you don't have to spend your holidays constantly watching your back!

9. The Americans: The Jennings

The Americans: The Jennings
Sure, the Jennings seem like a normal suburban family. But wtih two covert Russian spies at the head of the table, they're anything but. Bringing home your boyfriend takes on a whole new level of stress when mom and dad can fit his body into a carry-on suitcase if they don't approve.

10. Bloodline: The Rayburns

Bloodline: The Rayburns
This family may seem picture perfect from the outside, but a decades old secret is the crack in the foundation that will bring them down. When betrayals run this deep, the fallout is bound to blow up like the frozen turkey your Uncle Al tried to deep fry in the garage.

11. Archer: The Archers

Archer: The Archers
The only decent Archer is baby A.J., and thank god she has her mother, Lana, to balance out her father's side of the family. Grandma Mallory is already trying to give the baby an eating disorder, and Sterling's relationship with her is complicated to say the least. Besides, they can't seem to have a dinner party without a guest ending up dead.

12. Arrested Development: The Bluths

Arrested Development: The Bluths
The Bluths are basically the epitome of a dysfunctional family. George Sr is in prison for embezzlement, Lucille is an alcoholic, Lindsay and Tobias can barely keep their marriage together, Gob will sleep with anything that moves, Buster loses a hand to a seal, and George Michael is in love with his cousin. They may not actively be plotting to kill each other, but they'd drag you down with them when they head to the nuthouse.. .

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