13 TV Couples With Crazy Age Gaps

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They say love is blind and so it is with love between two people who aren't equal in the age department.

Whether was a short-lived affair, a long-term marriage, or just a simple time jump, here are some couples who love or have loved each other despite their difference in age.

1. Hakeem and Camilla - Empire

Hakeem and Camilla - Empire
The first time we saw Hakeem and Camilla together was somewhat of a shock. It wasn’t so much the age difference that sent us reeling, but when he called her “momma.” Hakeem may have thought he was in love, but this relationship was doomed from the very beginning. And thanks to Lucious, Camilla is no more.

2. Jay and Gloria - Modern Family

Jay and Gloria - Modern Family
Gloria is nearly the same age as Jay’s adult children, but that doesn’t diminish the love and respect these two have for each other. Even though there are many differences between them besides age, it is those differences that has solidified them as one of TV’s strongest couples.

3. Paris and Asher - Gilmore Girls

Paris and Asher - Gilmore Girls
Although there was a massive age difference, that didn’t stop Paris from falling head over heels with her professor at Yale. Her mom wasn’t too happy about it, but Paris didn’t care. Asher was the love of her life and maybe for a time she was his. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a lot of time to explore the longevity of this relationship as Asher died of a heart attack before Paris’ sophomore year.

4. Lady Edith and Sir Anthony - Downton Abbey

Lady Edith and Sir Anthony - Downton Abbey
What better way to celebrate your golden years than marrying someone half your age, until you realize that maybe that isn’t such a good idea after all. Lady Edith might have been crushed, but kudos to Sir Anthony for realizing this May-December romance wasn’t the right thing to do anymore.

5. Claire and Jamie - Outlander

Claire and Jamie - Outlander
This may be the most epic love affair on television, but the truth of the matter is that Jamie is a much, much older man. Sure, in the their current time he’s younger than she is, but in reality he’s 197 years or so older than she is. This is definitely one time when love truly transcends time and space.

6. Monica and Richard - Friends

Monica and Richard - Friends
Sometimes even with the best intentions, couples with age differences just don’t work out. Richard was best friends with her dad and she was friends with his daughter in high school. She even dated his son at some point. But, as much as they tried and raised eyebrows in the process, their difference in age caught up with them and the relationship ended.

7. Andy and Connie - NYPD Blue

Andy and Connie - NYPD Blue
We're going way back in time with this one, folks. Sipowicz’s and Connie took their work relationship to another level when they fell in love. It didn’t matter to her that he was old enough to be her father, she fell for him because of how good of a father he was to his young son, Theo. And, despite their age difference, the couple eventually married and even had a child of their own.

8. Belle and Rumple - Once Upon a Time

Belle and Rumple - Once Upon a Time
Sure, he may be more than 100 years older than her, but who cares? What really matters is how much they adore each other, and their love is solid. Have you ever seen a happier couple?

9. Buffy and Angel - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy and Angel - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
She’s 16 and he’s 200 something, but take away his vampire years and he’s still 10 years older than her. Maybe it’s not a big deal, but did we say she was 16 when they got together? Despite all that, their love was strong for a time. Until she killed him, that is.

10. John and Gabrielle - Desperate Housewives

John and Gabrielle - Desperate Housewives
When the hubby’s away, it’s time to play. Especially when you’ve got a hot young gardener who goes shirtless while he’s working around the yard. So what if she’s old enough to be his mom. All that matters is they had a lot of fun in this short-lived union.

11. Puck and Shelby - Glee

Puck and Shelby - Glee
It’s one thing to have an affair with your underage student, but it’s a completely different level of eeew when he's the father of your adopted daughter. So many lines were crossed here, so it’s no surprise that this affair didn’t last long.

12. Deb and Lundy - Dexter

Deb and Lundy - Dexter
Keep reminding yourself that age is just a number even when your boyfriend looks likes he’s your dad. Oh, wait. He is as old as your dad. Despite that, this romance flourished for a time. Love and respect is, after all, timeless.

13. Shelly and Holling - Northern Exposure

Shelly and Holling - Northern Exposure
Love is truly timeless, especially when there’s a 40 year age difference. Shelly was young enough to be Holling’s granddaughter, but that didn’t stop these two from falling madly, madly in love, getting married, and having a child together. A perfect case of a couple who works together, stays together tied up neatly with a bow of mutual respect and admiration.

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