14 TV Doctors with a Diagnosis of AWESOME

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Which television doctor would you want to be a patient of?

There are many factors to consider. Weigh them against each other now.

1. Mindy Lahiri

Yes, she's an OB. But few physicians would put any patient at ease as well as Mindy Lahiri. She has an MD in hilarity.

2. Derek Shepherd

How could we be the least bit afraid when we're lost in these McEyes?

3. Hannibal Lecter

What? What's the problem? You want a doctor with a high IQ, don't you?

4. Meredith Fell

She's willing to risk her career by using vampire blood on her patients. Now THAT'S dedication.

5. Ducky Mallard

We can't think of any medical examiner we'd rather want to solve the case of our homicide. God forbid and all that.

6. Lanie Parish

Friendly, perceptive, a supporter of Castle and Beckett from the beginning. We'd trust her with our dead bodies.

7. Tara Knowles

Tragically, this isn't possible any longer. But when she was alive, Tara could work quickly and efficiently... in any setting at all.

8. Zoe Hart

Just chatting to Zoe about her love life would distract us from what ailment brought us to the doctor in the first place.

9. Temperance Brennan

Is there a different fictional forensic anthropologist you’d prefer to lead an investigation?!?

10. Joan Watson

No longer serving as a doctor, but her investigative abilty give her a multi-skill set unmatched by nearly every other physician.

11. Doctor Who


12. Julius Hibbert

His laugh would put us at ease, making us think even the most severe diagnosis was easily curable.

13. Eric Gablehauser

Yes, he fired Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory. But that was awhile ago. And who doesn't love the Physics Bowl?!?

14. Fitch Cooper

We'd never want to date Dr. Fitch Cooper. But his relaxed bedside manner would put us at ease.

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