13 TV Episodes to Watch in Preparation of the Super Bowl!

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TV show characters? They're just like us.

They fall in love, get their hearts broken, battle intergalactic creatures and obviously gather round with their loved ones for the Big Game. But with the Super Bowl being such a significant national moment — a "holy" day if you will — TV shows don't seem to be capitalizing on it too much. 

There's the usual fight for who will score the most coveted post-Super Bowl slot — one that comes with a large number of viewers. This year, the honor goes to This Is Us as they undoubtedly reveal the series' biggest mystery: the death of Jack Pearson. 

But, as far as episodes simply celebrating the Super Bowl? Those a few and far between.

We've dug up some of our favorite Super Bowl-themed episodes that will allow you to kick back with your buddies and get pumped for Sunday. You'll enjoy these, no matter what team you're rooting for.  Warning: one of them will even make you sob uncontrollably. 

1. This Is Us - That'll Be the Day (2018)

This Is Us - That'll Be the Day (2018)
I'll start with the most recent episode of This Is Us. Jack and Rebecca geared up for their final Super Bowl with the Big Three before they leave for college. But, instead of familial bonding, the day is filled with fights and teenage angst. Eventually, the teens all chose to watch the game elsewhere. The episode ends with a fire at the Pearson household, which we know inevitably leads to Jack's death. The continuation of this horrible, terrible, no good, very bad episode airs RIGHT after this Sunday's Super Bowl so please, have your Terrible Towels ready.

2. Everybody Loves Raymond - Super Bowl (2001)

Everybody Loves Raymond - Super Bowl (2001)
Ray discovers he's getting sent to cover the Super Bowl. He invites Gianni, which doesn't sit well with Debra. Or the other family members. She gives him hell and when he realizes everyone else brought their wives, he flies her out, which makes things even worse. Point of the story? If you get Super Bowl tickets, always bring your wife, your dad, or your brother!

3. Full House - Super Bowl Funday (1995)

Full House - Super Bowl Funday (1995)
Taking it back to the good ole' Full House days! Joey returns home from a two-week comedy tour to watch the Super Bowl with the fam. Those plans are derailed when he realizes he promised to take Michelle's class on a museum tour. In an attempt not to miss the game, he and Jesse bring the kids to a bar, but when the TVs break down, they invite everyone back to the house, interrupting DJ's study session.

4. The Simpsons - Sunday, Cruddy Sunday (1999)

The Simpsons - Sunday, Cruddy Sunday (1999)
The Simpsons have plenty of Super Bowl TV episodes to choose from, but I'll go with 'Sunday, Cruddy Sunday' in which Homer and some pals score tickets to the Super Bowl. The good times come to a halt when they are told their tickets are counterfeit. Bart devises a plan to sneak in but as you'd imagine, sneaking into such a prestigious event isn't as easy as it seems.

5. Seinfeld - The Label Maker (1995)

Seinfeld - The Label Maker (1995)
Jerry realizes that he has a wedding the same day as the Super Bowl so he gifts his tickets to Whatley, his dentist. Then the worst possible thing happens: the wedding is called off. Jerry tries to get his tickets back, but Whatley already invited Newman and then later, Elaine. Does he ever re-gift the tickets back to Jerry?

6. Boy Meets World - The Eskimo (1998)

Boy Meets World - The Eskimo (1998)
In an attempt to teach them a valuable lesson, Mr. Feeney assigns Corey, Topanga and Shawn an impossible homework assignment: score tickets to the Super Bowl. The trio eventually learn the lesson and pass the life-test but not before a handful of shenanigans ensue.

7. How I Met Your Mother - Monday Night Football (2007)

How I Met Your Mother - Monday Night Football (2007)
A funeral causes the group to miss the Super Bowl game. Since they want to watch the game together on Monday, they attempt to go 24-hours (most unsuccessfully). Yeah, good luck trying to do that in the golden age of social media!

8. Home Improvement - Super Bowl Fever (1995)

Home Improvement - Super Bowl Fever (1995)
With a similar premise to Everybody Loves Raymond, Tim wants to watch the Super Bowl with his buddies, but Jill thwarts his plans when she suddenly comes down with the flu. What's with women ruining the biggest sports day for their men?!

9. The Good Place - Team Cockroach (2017)

The Good Place - Team Cockroach (2017)
This episode isn't about the Super Bowl per-say, but it features this hilarious moment between Jason, a die-hard Jacksonville Jaguars fan, and Good Place creator Michael. Jason wants to know if his fave team and player, Blake Bortles, will ever win this (or any) Super Bowl. "I can't predict the future Jason, but no" Michael replies cackling. The series mentions the team on numerous, hilarious occasions. Adding salt to the wound, the Jags blew their first-ever opportunity to play in the Big Game to the New England Patriots just last week. In other words, The Good Place is a prophetic series that knew the Jags would choke... and Michael IS psychic.

10. Married With Children - Damn Bundy's (1997)

Married With Children - Damn Bundy's (1997)
Al's makes a deal with Lucifer in exchange for a spot on the Chicago Bears. However, the deal only allowed him to lead the team to Super Bowl victory and when time's up, the Devil sends him to hell where he's forced to spend eternity with his now-dead family and the D'Arcy's. Let this be a lesson: nothing is worth a deal with the devil — not even a Vince Lombardi Trophy.

11. Family Guy - Death Has a Shadow (1999)

Family Guy - Death Has a Shadow (1999)
The first-ever episode of family guy premiered right after Super Bowl XXXIII and introduced everyone to Peter Griffin, who goes with Brian to the Big Game after accidentally defrauding the government through welfare checks. As a "man of the people," he returns it by dropping it from a blimp.

12. All in the Family - Archie and the Super Bowl (1978)

All in the Family - Archie and the Super Bowl (1978)
CBS was actually the first network to take advantage of the massive Super Bowl lead-out with a post-episode of All in the Family. Archie anticipates big business the day of the game but instead, his bar gets robbed by two unsuspecting patrons.

13. Smart Guy - Rooferman, Take One (1998)

Smart Guy - Rooferman, Take One (1998)
Smart guy, T.J, convinces Floyd to make a commercial for his businesses and accidentally gets it aired during the Super Bowl. Look, I don't know how much commercials cost back then but this would never happen now! And how cute is baby Tahj Mowry?!

14. BONUS: This Is Us - The Game Plan (2017)

BONUS: This Is Us - The Game Plan (2017)
At its core, This Is Us is a show about a family that is very passionate about sports and consequently, the Super Bowl. In this flashback scene, we learn Rebecca and Jack aren't on the same page about children. Poor Miguel and Shelly have to bear witness to that awkward convo, smack-dab in the middle of the bar during the game. But the Steelers weren't the only ones getting lucky that night; the Big Three were conceived in the bathroom of the local bar. So much for not wanting kids.

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