14 Most Exciting TV Moments of the Year

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A one-shot scene on Mr. Robot.

Endings for canceled shows.

A searing dragon battle.

These are things that make TV incredibly exciting, and you can find them in the gallery below. 


1. Dragons in Battle

Dragons in Battle
Daenerys taking Drogon into battle on Game of Thrones was, like, the best scene of the entire series. Watching the dragon burn everyone in sight was refreshing after all of the crazy battles we've witnessed in the past. It's just a shame she took Viserion into battle with her later in Game of Thrones Season 7 and he was killed.

2. A Single Triumph for Mr. Robot

A Single Triumph for Mr. Robot
Mr. Robot's single-take episode was impressive to say the least. It was a nice break away from the usual format and the commercial-free, single shot episode was positively riveting and had me glued to the screen the entire time.

3. Josh Stewart's Shooter Arc That Hit The Target

Josh Stewart's Shooter Arc That Hit The Target
Josh Stewart's entire arc on Shooter has been very exciting. Solotov is such a fantastic villain that it's difficult to not love him. Stewart plays off of Ryan Philippe so well, and the best moments have been when they have to face off in some way or another. Solotov is one of the reasons the second season was so thrilling.

4. Legion - A Marvel Hero Like No One Ever Thought Possible

Legion - A Marvel Hero Like No One Ever Thought Possible
With all the Marvel and DC adaptations on our big, small, and streaming screens, some dumbed down and others amped up for easy consumption on the network landscape, this was the show I had to rewatch on multiple occasions because it was such a mind-bender. The unreliable narrator, the crazy villain hiding IN HIS BRAIN, all the memory-visiting and psychic shenanigans. This was television that challenges its viewers to JUST KEEP UP.

5. The Hunt for Mr. Mercedes

The Hunt for Mr. Mercedes
Every episode featured Bill Hodges getting followed and harassed by the evil Brady aka Mr. Mercedes, a psychotic killer with more sick ideas than any one man-child should ever have in his mind. As the two brilliant minds eased toward one another, the tension increased until they were head to head. Every episode was a nail-biter. Beautiful performances by Brendan Gleeson and Harry Treadaway and the entire cast!

6. Supergirl's Big Team Up

Supergirl's Big Team Up
Kara and Maggie fighting the clock to save Alex after she was kidnapped on Supergirl Season 2 Episode 19 made for an intense hour. Even knowing that of course Alex would survive, I still found myself on the edge of my seat as the water rose higher and higher in that tank. The stakes were high and emotions were running wild, giving viewers one of the most exciting installments of the season.

7. Voight Being in the Know

Voight Being in the Know
The last moments of the Chicago PD midseason finale were so awesome. The ominous car ride Ruzek and Olinsky shared where Al, ever the man of few words, told Ruzek he was like a son to him. The moment when Ruzek realized he messed up and then, BOOM, Voight. I squealed in delight. Good stuff.

8. Being a Runaway Hit

Being a Runaway Hit
Runaways every single week! This series had me intrigued from the pilot and everytime I try and guess where the series is headed they pull a 180 on me. It also has great representation and talented young actors, along with familiar faces from popular tv shows we grew up watching. While most Marvel shows have been a bit of a letdown for me, this one keeps me consistently excited to see what is going to happen next. Most of all I care a great deal about all the characters.

9. Mon-El's New Girl

Mon-El's New Girl
Mon-El returning... but not to Kara. For every Mon-El hater, there is a Mon-El lover. I fal into the latter category so I was thrilled when they found a way to bring him back. But having him return to Earth and rekindle his relationship would have been too easy so Mon-El returned with a wife. We find out he is from the future and even though Kara has been dealing with the breakup for only seven months, in his time, seven years have passed. The worst part is that his wife is a fan of Kara’s and actually really sweet. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. I have watched many shows with love triangles but never anything like this.

10. DC's New Shows That Will Be Great

DC's New Shows That Will Be Great
Anything that has had to do with Black Lightning, Krypton, and Titans. Black Lightning is a project that I'm blessed got saved when FOX for whatever silly reason didn't pick it up.

A show like Black Lightning is something that will stand out on so many levels from the other DC shows, and I'm genuinely excited what Salim Akil and Mara Brock Akil, along with their super cast, will deliver with this new show. Krypton, while I wasn't sold on it with its initial announcement (because seriously, why is Superman's grandpa getting his own show?!), but the moment we got the first pieces of footage, I was sold and hooked in, along with the announcements that have been made for the show since then.

Then there is Titans that I could go on about for days, but as the big comic nerd that I'm, I'm excited that this group is being adapted for serialized TV. With talents like Geoff Johns involved and the tremendous cast they have assembled, I'm excited to see this iconic group come to life.

11. 12 Monkeys Three-Night Binge-A-Thon

12 Monkeys Three-Night Binge-A-Thon
While I would have preferred a regular 12 Monkeys experience because there is so much material to savor and talk about, the binge-a-thon make 12 Monkeys Season 3 a friggin' whirlwind of excitement. Some of the rougher moments might have come off easier if we'd had time to process them, but then the wackiness of the whole picture would have been lost. It was certainly crazy and exciting as it played out!!

12. Wrap-Ups for Canceled Series

Wrap-Ups for Canceled Series
The endings of Frequency and No Tomorrow on The CW Seed. The CW promised online endings to two shows that really need them if they were canceled and they delivered. Little things like that can be a big deal, and it gave closure to both shows. If all networks would offer this wonderful service, viewers might be more willing to invest in new series.

13. More Heartbreak for a Punisher

More Heartbreak for a Punisher
While one could quite reasonably argue that Frank Castle's story reached a logical, even surprisingly happy, ending with its first season on Netflix, it's still exciting to hear that the streaming service has given the green light for Season 2. Although that means Frank won't be able to walk off into the sunset after all, we all knew that wasn't really in the cards for Frank anyway.

14. Supergirl vs. a World Killer

Supergirl vs. a World Killer
The Supergirl versus Reign fight scene was incredible and easily one of the best of the series. They crashed through a holiday party, destroyed city streets, and ended with Reign throwing Kara off the side of a building! It didn't end there, either, as the mid-season finale's cliffhanger left us with Kara barely clinging to life and wondering exactly who will be turning around to face Ruby - Sam or Reign?

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