15 Hot as Hell Devils and Demons

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Liking devils and demons should be a no-no, but sometimes it's hard to resist especially when they're hot as hell.

And when it's Sexy Saturday, well, who says we can't have a little fun?

Here are 15 devils and demons who set our souls (and more!) on fire!

1. Deanmon - Supernatural

Deanmon - Supernatural
Dean may have been a demon for a short time, but it didn't take away any of his sexy.

2. Lucifer Morningstar - Lucifer

Lucifer Morningstar - Lucifer
We truly desire Lucifer Morningstar. Everything about him from his smile, his eyes, his charm and his wit are absolutely perfect.

3. Cole Turner - Charmed

Cole Turner - Charmed
Who can resist a demon that looks like this? No one!

4. Ruby - Supernatural

Ruby - Supernatural
The original Ruby will always be our favorite. We love her just got out of bed look.

5. Jack of Knives - Wynnona Earp

 Jack of Knives - Wynnona Earp
He might be charming but his razor-sharp nails make him anything but. Still he's got a face to die for.

6. Damien - Damien

Damien - Damien
Damien might not have fully embraced his devilish destiny, but we would certainly love to embrace him!

7. Mazikeen - Lucifer

Mazikeen - Lucifer
Maze burns up the Lux with her wicked good looks and ability to whip up any drink you desire. But the best thing about her is her devotion as Lucifer's right-hand demon.

8. Spider Demon - Charmed

Spider Demon - Charmed
Even though she's deadly, who can resist something this beautiful? But beware, you don't want to get caught up in her web!

9. Abaddon - Supernatural

Abaddon - Supernatural
We don't know if it's her flaming red hair or her beautiful smile, but this demon can grab our hearts anytime.

10. Lucifer - Supernatural

Lucifer - Supernatural
We love a devil that can snap his fingers and disco the night away. But we don't want to get too close. He might be incredibly handsome, but this devil is incredibly evil.

11. Anya Jenkins - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Anya Jenkins - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
We can't help but admire the beauty that was hiding underneath her ugly demon face.

12. Ardra - Star Trek: Next Generation

Ardra - Star Trek: Next Generation
This intergalatic devil showed up on an episode called "Devil's Due" on the show's fourth season. Although she turned out to be a fake, she turned lots of heads when she tried to seduce (but failed) Captain Picard.

13. Lucy Butler - Millennium

Lucy Butler - Millennium
Lucy Butler was a beauty in black and as a nurse, she was a nurturing soul. Who cares that underneath it all lurked the most horrific demon/devil TV had ever seen?

14. The Man - The Messengers

The Man - The Messengers
The Man (or aka Lucifer) fell to earth like a meteor and set our souls on fire the minute he landed.

15. Sister Mary Eunice - American Horror Story: Asylum

Sister Mary Eunice - American Horror Story: Asylum
There's nothing wrong with a naughty nun who lets her inner demon out.

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