15 TV Shows That Nearly Had Terrible Titles

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Can you imagine if Grey's Anatomy or This is Us had been given different titles?

Would Buffy the Vampire Slayer have been received any differently as simply Slayer?

Those shows, and several others, were almost given some pretty bad titles. Check them out below!

1. This is Us

This is Us
It's hard to imagine NBC's smash hit going by any other name, but before the title This is Us was chosen, the working title for the show was actually 36, -- the ages Jack, Kate, Randall, and Kevin all turn on the pilot episode.

2. Friends

There were apparently several titles that were considered before landing on the title Friends. Other possibilities for the popular comedy included Six of One and Across the Hall.

3. The Good Wife

The Good Wife
The CBS drama The Good Wife had a few other possibilities as well. Among the titles condiered were The Whole Truth, In the Spotlight, and Leave the Bastard. I don't know about you, but I'm a fan of that last one.

4. New Girl

New Girl
Here's a fun one. Before it was New Girl, a title that was seriously considered for the Zooey Deschanel led comedy was Chicks and Dicks. Under that title, the show was more about the sex lives of the roommates, but as the plot was developed, it changed focus, and the title was changed along with it.

5. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Would Buffy the Vampire Slayer have been received differently with another title? The series was nearly titled something a bit simpler: Slayer. That just doesn't have the same ring to it.

6. Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy
While it's hard to imagine the Shondaland favorite with any other name, Grey's Anatomy was nearly called Surgeons and was also changed briefly to Complications while the show was in development.

7. The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory
Before it was The Big Bang Theory, the CBS comedy was Lenny, Penny, and Kenny. (Sheldon was originally supposed to be named Kenny.) It's a good thing that chance was made, because The Big Bang Theory sounds better. It's hard to imagine a show called Lenny, Penny, and Kenny, would have lasted as long.

8. Scandal

A working title for the TGIT favorite Scandal, was actually Damage Control. That's not so bad, but it doesn't feel quite the same, does it?

9. Lost

Let's be honest. Nowhere would have been a perfectly appropriate title for Lost, and it was nearly the one that was chosen. Still, Lost is much better.

10. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Fitting? Sure. But It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia feels like the better choice over the show's working title, Jerks.

11. Hannah Montana

Hannah Montana
Just imagine if Miley Cyrus had become known for her role on Alexis Texas -- because this is a thing that almost happened. Let's all be glad the show was changed to Hannah Montana instead.

12. Seinfeld

Before it was Seinfeld, the hit comedy had a bit of a clunkier title with a more serious tone: The Seinfeld Chronicles.

13. Everybody Loves Raymond

Everybody Loves Raymond
Believe it or not, Everybody Loves Raymond was almost That Raymond Guy or What's With Raymond? Neither of those options are very appealing.

14. Roseanne

Talk about vague. Before the hit comedy, which is returning for a limited revival this fall, was given the title of Roseanne, it was simply called, Life and Stuff. That name still played a role, however, as the title of the pilot episode.

15. That '70s Show

That '70s Show
Several titles were considered before landing on That '70s Show. Among them were The Kids Are Alright, Feelin' All Right, and Teenage Wasteland. The latter couldn't be chosen because they couldn't get the rights to the song title from The Who.

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