21 Amazing Adventure Seekers

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Everyone loves (and probably needs) a little adventure in their lives, but it doesn't always mean you're rappelling down a building or across a forest.

Maybe your thrill comes from having an affair with your sister's boyfriend or just from doing your regular everyday job.

An adventure is what you make of it.

Check out these 21  television characters who have a way of finding an adventure in whatever they do or wherever they go!


1. Wyatt Logan - Timeless

Wyatt Logan - Timeless
As a former soldier, Wyatt finds himself in some crazy predicaments, but he's always able to get himself and the team out. He'll do whatever he needs to accomplish the team's goals. He lives and breathes for adventure and finds that thrill no matter what he does or what time period he finds himself in.

2. Ezekiel Jones - The Librarians

Ezekiel Jones - The Librarians
As a master thief and expert hacker, the thrill of taking what's not yours can be breathtaking. At least that's how Ezekiel sees it. Being a librarian has put his skills to good use, but how long will the fun last for him?

3. Wynonna Earp - Wynonna Earp

Wynonna Earp - Wynonna Earp
Wynonna didn't really set out to be an adventure seeker, but she became one once turned 27. Now every day is an adventure for her as she seeks to put the Revenants back where they belong.

4. Hooten - Hooten and the Lady

Hooten - Hooten and the Lady
Hooten is an American adventurer much like Indiana Jones who travels the world in search of lost treasure and other goodies. He's headstrong and foolish and often finds himself in sticky situations. But now he's got Lady Alexandra by his side who'll help him get into even more trouble!

5. Tulip - Preacher

Tulip - Preacher
Even before she reconnected with Jesse, Tulip was all about adventure and kicking ass wherever she went. Now that she's back with Jesse, she's about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime as they (along with Cassidy) set off on their journey to find God.

6. Hook - Once Upon a Time

Hook - Once Upon a Time
There's nothing a pirate knows and loves better than adventure and Hook is no different. Traveling around the world and through different times is exciting whether it's for revenge or love. After meeting Emma, he changed he changed from villain to hero, but his sense of adventure never abated.

7. Sara Lance - Legends of Tomorrow

Sara Lance - Legends of Tomorrow
Sara has always sought adventure whether it was having an affair with her sister's boyfriend or being the captain of the Waverider. Sara doesn't back down from any challenge and the more challenging a situation is, the better she loves it.

8. Bobby Lee Swagger - Shooter

Bobby Lee Swagger - Shooter
Trying to clear your name is an adventure no one would want, but that's exactly the situation Bobby Lee has found himself in. As a former marine, he's skilled to the utmost level and whatever his enemies throw his way, he'll be ready.

9. Alex Caulder - SIX

Alex Caulder - SIX
As part of a Navy SEAL team, every job is an adventure for Alex. There are constant dangers, but the thrill of successfully completing a mission is indescribable. He knows how to get the job done and does it with precise skill. And while it may be exhausting, he's always ready for whatever the next mission brings.

10. Dutch - Killjoys

Dutch - Killjoys
As a bounty hunter, adventure is Dutch's middle name. Hunting people for money is an exhilarating job but so is being an assassin and covert operative. If she didn't love adventure, would she be doing what she does?

11. James Delaney - Taboo

James Delaney - Taboo
James does what he must do in order to survive. He may be odd (like really odd), but it's all for a purpose. Hs sense of adventure is strong as he navigates his way around the enemies who are all around him.

12. Jon Snow - Game of Thrones

Jon Snow - Game of Thrones
While his life has been more than an adventure, Jon Snow's biggest adventure has to be coming back from the dead. When you've got miles to go before you sleep (or rightfully take what's yours), you can't let death get in the way.

13. Claire Fraser - Outlander

Claire Fraser - Outlander
Claire is the ultimate adventurer. A war nurse who wandered into the stones and went back in time to meet one of the loves of her life. She doesn't let Jamie do anything alone and she's ready to get back to her old life now that her adventure in the past is over.

14. Theodore Deacon - 12 Monkeys

Theodore Deacon - 12 Monkeys
Every day is an adventure in Theodore's life. Learning how to survive in a world that is falling apart is an adventure in itself. He's done what's necessary to survive no matter the cost and has taught others the basic skills of survival.

15. Hector Escaton - Westworld

Hector Escaton - Westworld
As a "Most Wanted" bandit, Hector lives a life of adventure. He loves a good fight and doesn't back down no matter what is thrown his way. He also finds humor in any situation he's in, which makes his adventures all the more fun.

16. Ragnar - Vikings

Ragnar - Vikings
As a Viking, Ragnar's entire life reeks of adventure. Sometimes it's fun, but many times it's not. A Viking's life can be very dangerous as he travels near and far, to places known and unknown.

17. MacGyver - MacGyver

MacGyver - MacGyver
MacGyver lives and breathes for adventure. He's a brainiac who can get himself out of any sticky situation and the stickier it is the more thrill it gives him!

18. The Doctor - Doctor Who

The Doctor - Doctor Who
He's an alien who travels through time and space. Of course, there's going to be an adventure wherever he goes. The Doctor always finds himself in a predicament, and he always gets himself out of it. If he didn't, what fun would that be?

19. The Widow - Into the Badlands

The Widow - Into the Badlands
The Widow was born with a sense of adventure. As a revolutionary, she has big dreams for the Badlands and isn't afraid to fight for what she believes. She a master martial artist and a skilled swordswoman who has trained others to accompany her on her quest for what's right.

20. Bram Bowman - Colony

Bram Bowman - Colony
After he ended up in prison camp after breaking the rules, he led a rebellion against the oppression from the inside which resulted in the destruction of the camp and him as the only survivor. But that wasn't enough and his adventures to wage war against the aliens continued once he was free.

21. Nick Clark - Fear the Walking Dead

Nick Clark - Fear the Walking Dead
Nick's life is a constant adventure. He left his entire family behind to go off on his own to find out what it was really like to live in a world overrun by zombies. Anyone willing to do that is a thrill seeker indeed!

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