17 Women Who Get Stronger With Wine

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The popularity of drinking wine has grown significantly over the last few years. To the point where women who love wine are all over TV now.

They're drinking because their husband is a secret drug dealer or their lover is married or they see death on a daily basis. You know, normal stuff. Vino helps them cope.

Of course, there are those that just drink wine for fun or because they enjoy the taste or even just because they can.

While they drink it for different reasons, under very different circumstances, these females have one thing in common – they are all strong.

Call me crazy, but I think the wine has something to do with that.

1. Cersei Lannister - Game of Thrones

Cersei Lannister - Game of Thrones
In between carrying on taboo affairs and plotting deaths of various family members, Cersei makes sure to always have a handmaiden on hand to refill her glass.

2. Jules Cobb - Cougar Town

Jules Cobb - Cougar Town
If you love to "pound grape" and make fun of your neighbors, you may be Jules' long lost BFF. Just don't forget to bring your own oversized wine glass affectionally named Big (insert any name here).

3. Claire Underwood - House of Cards

Claire Underwood - House of Cards
Being first lady is stressful. Almost as stressful as being married to Francis. While Claire handles it better than most, she still turns to wine for relief at the end of a long hard day.

4. Claire Dunphy - Modern Family

Claire Dunphy - Modern Family
Claire does it all -- she's a fun mom, a loyal wife, and CEO of a lucrative business. Does wine help her balance those resposibilites? I'm sure it does as she is regularly seen throwing back a few glasses.

5. Alicia Florrick - The Good Wife

Alicia Florrick - The Good Wife
As the wife of a politician, Alicia got used to staying home and having her daily glass of wine. After her husband's scandal, she was forced to go back to work but she didn't give up her wine. If anything, she needed it more.

6. Alison Hendrix - Orphan Black

Alison Hendrix - Orphan Black
Alison appears to be a normal, type-A, suburban mom but she's really a clone who drinks like a fish and can make dead bodies disappear better than Dexter.

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