17 Memorable Photos of Santana on Glee

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We adore Santana Lopez on Glee. Check out photos here of Naya Rivera in character.

1. Santana vs. Sebastian

Santana vs. Sebastian
Take him down, Santana! The singer does her best Michael Jackson impression in this showdown.

2. Rachel and Santana Pic

Rachel and Santana Pic
Rachel and Santana sit around in this Glee scene. Sources have claimed that the stars behind these characters don't get alone.

3. Santana and Dani

Santana and Dani
Santana meets up with Dani as Demi Lovato guest stars on Glee. "Tina in the Sky with Diamonds" is the second episode of the show's fifth season.

4. Singing Santana

Singing Santana
Sing him down, Santana! The student squares off against Sebastian in this scene from the episode "Michael."

5. Santana and Rachel in Shock

Santana and Rachel in Shock
Santana and Rachel react with shock in this "Guilty Pleasures" scene. It's Episode 17 of Season 4.

6. Kurt with Santana

Kurt with Santana
Kurt and Santana enjoy a hang in this Glee still. The photo is taken from the episode "Guilty Pleasures."

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