17 Most Dramatic TV Kisses

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Good chemistry doesn't have to be all about the kissing scenes, and yet it is worth mentioning every time. TV relationships that stick with us the most usually always have a dramatic and intense kiss in their journey to possible happiness.

Dramatic doesn't always have to mean the positive version of the word, but who wants to look at the opposite? 

When it comes to a good TV couple kiss, surprise and intrigue are always great ways to approach making that scene as memorable as possible.

Here is a slideshow with a selection of some wonderful TV kisses, many of which were highly anticipated and that still demonstrate how it should be done on all shows. 

1. Waverly + Nicole - Wynonna Earp

Waverly + Nicole - Wynonna Earp
Girls kissing the girls that they want is always its own level of intense and memorable. Waverly and Nicole finally coming together was an actual event, so it makes sense that their kiss was as well.

2. Charles + Liza - Younger

Charles + Liza - Younger
Team Charles or Team Josh, you have to admit that Liza is one lucky lady. Her relationship with Charles right now might not be at its best, especially since he knows her secret. Still, it is nice to look back and see how they redefined the dramatic kiss approach.

3. Jane + Rafael - Jane the Virgin

Jane + Rafael - Jane the Virgin
Jane always manages to have some of the most dramatic kisses, straight out of a telenovela. Her kisses with Rafael though look like they came from an actual dream, I mean who wouldn't want flower petals falling on you like this?

4. Toni + Cheryl - Riverdale

Toni + Cheryl - Riverdale
Toni rescuing Cheryl from conversion therapy is impactful on its one, and yet they managed to sneak their first kiss in then too. The cinematography specifically in this scene made the kiss one to remember, and that is saying something on a show that thrives off kisses.

5. Jeff + Annie - Community

Jeff + Annie - Community
There is something about a couple with a height difference, the explanation isn't really there but the feeling is. It adds to the way a kiss turns out, and Jeff and Annie are a great example of that.

6. Nico + Karolina - The Runaways

Nico + Karolina - The Runaways
It felt like we were waiting for Nico and Karolina to finally kiss, and they did manage to exceed our wildest expectations. Happiness is contagious and so are kisses filled with chemistry,

7. Bellamy + Clarke - The 100

Bellamy + Clarke - The 100
There is nothing more dramatic than a cheek kiss between platonic soulmates before they possibly never see each other again. Calling Bellamy and Clarke's relationship emotional is an understatement, these two continue to thrive off powerful milestones that continue to redefine how epic their connection really is.

8. Stiles + Lydia - Teen Wolf

Stiles + Lydia - Teen Wolf
This kiss may not be the fandom favorite, but I have to say that it still ranks high when it comes to dramatic kisses. Only half of that has to do with how long fans were waiting for more Stiles and Lydia couple content, with the other half being about how well structured this scene was.

9. Damon + Elena - The Vampire Diaries

Damon + Elena - The Vampire Diaries
Again a couple with plenty of kisses worth mentioning makes it a little difficult to choose. But Damon and Elena kissing in a motel while the lights flicker and the music takes over is a scene worth the hype.

10. Logan + Veronica - Veronica Mars

Logan + Veronica - Veronica Mars
With a couple as epic as Logan and Veronica, it makes sense that their kiss sequence is just as legendary. This worked so well because of the surprise factor, both for us and for Veronica.

11. Jim + Pam - The Office

Jim + Pam - The Office
We all sold our souls to these two when they gave us this stunning first kiss, and it continues to be one of the more dramatic ones because of the context behind it. Jim and Pam may not have gotten together right away, and yet they found their way to one another.

12. Luke + Lorelai - Gilmore Girls

Luke + Lorelai - Gilmore Girls
What a walk down memory lane. Luke and Lorelai invented intense and well-delivered kisses, with this one still a great model for how other ships should make theirs happen.

13. Coulson + May - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

Coulson + May - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
It may have taken a long, long time but Coulson finally got the girl. And in perfect Coulson spirit, their kiss just so happened to go down right in the middle of an action sequence.

14. Jack + Kate - Lost

Jack + Kate - Lost
If this wasn't on your personal list of impactful kisses, you are probably doing this list thing wrong. There are many different Lost kisses that could have made it in here, yet there is something about Jack and Kate. So much time later and this still gives us chills.

15. Chidi + Eleanor - The Good Place

Chidi + Eleanor - The Good Place
The fans (and Eleanor) waited a while for Chidi to finally realize how perfect they were together. When he did though, Chidi did it with a huge gesture that set the bar pretty high. There is just something about Kristen Bell that guarantees her characters get a fun surprise kiss at every turn.

16. Jane + Michael - Jane the Virgin

Jane + Michael - Jane the Virgin
Jane and Michael couldn't not get a shoutout, especially with a kiss like this. Who knows where their relationship will go now that he may or may not be alive again, but it is safe to say that they are freaking kiss goals. Michael's love for Jane shone through in every scene they shared with one another.

17. Monty + Harper - The 100

Monty + Harper - The 100
Domestic bliss suits these two perfectly. Yet there was a time when they were just starting a relationship, and that is when they won us and each other over with their incredible connection. These two just understand each other so well, even after six years, so thing might not be dramatic but they are memorable in the very best way.

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