13 PLL Characters Who Should Guest Star On The Perfectionists

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Pretty Little Liars may be over, but The Perfectionists are only just beginning. With Alison and Mona moving to Beacon Heights, they will need to count on each other if they will make it out of there alive.

Still, there is something wonderful about having your friends around even in a limited sense. If this is a spinoff, it would be great for fans of the previous show to at least see some familiar faces as they are eased into the new story.

And with a murder stirring trouble in the small town, there are plenty of characters from Pretty Little Liars that have enough experience to assist Mona and Alison. 

Here is a slideshow featuring some options that would be a lovely surprise in Beacon Heights, or in some cases, a necessary one. 

1. Emily Fields

Emily Fields
We did not wait this long for Emily and Alison to get their happily ever after only for them to then separate. They don't, and probably aren't, broken up in order for Alison to move. But there also is the big question of how Alison can be a partner and a mother if she isn't actually around. Just move Emily over with Alison and they could deal with all of this together, we deserve at least that.

2. Mike Montgomery

Mike Montgomery
Mike and Mona deserve a happily ever after, or really Mona does at least. I am still not over these two so bringing Mike back into Mona's life wouldn't be the worst thing.

3. Caleb Rivers

Caleb Rivers
It is safe to say that Alison and Mona might need some tech help, so why not make it Caleb? He already has some experience with spin-offs, and maybe Tyler Blackburn could take a break from the aliens to visit his old home again.

4. Hanna Marin

Hanna Marin
With all this drama in a new town, I am sure both Mona and Alison could benefit from some sass and some laughs. Hanna could appear with Caleb for a bit, if only to see her friends again before things get too dark.

5. Aria Montgomery

Aria Montgomery
Aria is another friend that Alison could probably lean on since she will essentially be alone in this whole mess. Aria doesn't have to bring Ezra, but it would be lovely to see her again.

6. Spencer Hastings

Spencer Hastings
You can't get the gang back together without bringing Spencer back too! Since Alex Drake, or her existence, will be mentioned then it could be cool to have Spencer around during that time too. She has probably moved on to a less threatening life, but a visit never hurt anybody.

7. Paige McCullers

Paige McCullers
The Perfectionists will clearly never be short of drama, so why not turn it up a notch? Alison and Paige were never friends, to say the least, so having this kind of friendly face in Beacon Heights will only make things more thrilling.

8. Jason DiLaurentis

Jason DiLaurentis
Jason should have been brought back a long time ago. But since Pretty Little Liars didn't do it, Beacon Heights might be the next hope for Alison's brother. Plus, I can't imagine him not coming to check in on his sister who is now in a new murder town.

9. Jenna Marshall

Jenna Marshall
If Mona and Alison really get involved in the mysterious murder that sets off a chain reaction in this town, they will need Jenna. Her instincts are too good to not utilize her, plus I am sure she will be just as curious as we all are about what is going on over there.

10. Lucas Gottesman

Lucas Gottesman
There is really no big reason for why Lucas should come back besides the fact that he is adorable and we deserve more screen time with this character. He could be written in through his connection with Mona (and Hanna), even for a small arc somewhere in there.

11. Alex Drake

Alex Drake
Alex Draka was gone too soon. Not literally, but she had some intrigue that we didn't get to explore much. It was already the end before we even got introduced to her so seeing more of her would only make things more interesting. Mona will have to let her out anyway if she is leaving to Beacon Heights.

12. Toby Cavanaugh

Toby Cavanaugh
Now that Alison and Mona have it covered on the side of hacking and tech, they might need a guy on the inside. Toby is a great cop so the least he could do is appear to offer his view on what is going on. Maybe he could even stick around and assist on the murder case.

13. Wren Kingston

Wren Kingston
Wren never died, it was all a perfectly structured plot twist that they are saving for The Perfectionists. Nothing can, or will, convince me otherwise.

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