19 OMG Revenge Moments

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Scroll through some of the most jaw-dropping moments from the first three seasons of Emily Thorne's quest Revenge - of which we certainly had a lot to choose from.

1. Lydia Takes a Dive

Lydia Takes a Dive
Emily's quest for payback was underway from the start, but still largely in the shadows. When a confrontation with Frank ended with Lydia falling off the roof, Revenge gave viewers the first real game-changer.

2. Charlotte is David's Daughter?!

Charlotte is David's Daughter?!
The effects of Charlotte’s parternity shocker (or non-shocker) from Season 1 can still be felt today in her view of her parents, Emily's relationship with her, her involvement with Carl and beyond.

3. Amanda Kills Frank Stevens

Amanda Kills Frank Stevens
Amanda's identity-switcher made her debut on the show in epic fashion, cementing her place in Revenge lore. With Frank Stevens closing in on Emily, Amanda took him down - by bashing him in the head repeatedly as he tried to warn Victoria.

4. The White-Haired Man Captures Nolan

The White-Haired Man Captures Nolan
King of Cool he may bem but Nolan Ross was no match for the White-Haired Man, a villain who choked our favorite character by the neck and abducted him until Emily came to the rescue with her unparalleled martial arts skills and good looks. Seriously. She looks amazing even when (especially when?) beating guys up.

5. Victoria Dies in a Plane Crash ... or Not

Victoria Dies in a Plane Crash ... or Not
Few moments in recent TV history compare to Victoria Grayson, dressed all in white, walking in slow motion up the stairs to that fateful plane with the music of Florence + The Machine blasting. The fact that we got the chills despite knowing full well that Madeleine Stowe would never be killed off speaks volumes about that scene.

6. Amanda is Pregnant!?

Amanda is Pregnant!?
Just as Emily prepared to come clean to true love Jack about her real identity and reason for returning to the Hamptons, Amanda returned to town ... pregnant. Very, very pregnant. As if Ems' life wasn't complicated enough ...

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