Revenge Photos from "Hatred"

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Revenge will be taking a lengthy hiatus after the episode "Hatred."

What sort of note will the show go out on? Toggle through a slew of photos from the upcoming installment now.

1. Living With the Grayson

Living With the Grayson
Is living with the Graysons taking its toll on Emily Thorne now that they know she lied on Revenge

2. In Sara's Face

In Sara's Face
Why is this woman in Sara's face and what did Emily have to do with it on Revenge?

3. Sara and Daniel Holding Hands

Sara and Daniel Holding Hands
Sara and Daniel are holding hands but will that be enough to hold them together now that Emily has set her sights on destroying them on Revenge?

4. Daniel and Sara

Daniel and Sara
Daniel looks over the moon to have Sara by his side...and in his home on the next episode of Revenge.

5. Emily Has a Plan

Emily Has a Plan
From that wicked smile, we're guessing Emily has a plan when it comes to Sara and Daniel on Revenge.

6. Nolan Looks So Happy

Nolan Looks So Happy
Nolan looks so happy. We bet he's about to meet up with Emily on Revenge.

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