17 Super Songs Discovered on Our Favorite Shows

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When it comes to setting the tone in either movies or television, music is a vital tool.

Sometimes a character need not speak a word in order for the viewer to understand exactly what the mood is for the scene.

Whether the soundtrack is built from contemporary hits, classical instrumentals or simply a vibrant score, music coupled with a wrenching television scene burrows deep into the viewer's heart.

We all have a song (or three or five) that we have discovered from watching our favorite shows. Here are 17 of the best tracks we found from watching our most addictive shows.

1. Atlanta - Billy Paul "Am I Black Enough For You"

Atlanta - Billy Paul "Am I Black Enough For You"
This song could just as easily be the entire show's theme, but it's particularly on the nose for this episode. It’s an extended parody Justin Bieber that slyly lampoons his exploitation of black culture, while also poking fun at his music and antics.

2. Big Little Lies - Alabama Shakes "This Feeling"

Big Little Lies - Alabama Shakes "This Feeling"
Chloe's musical skills are pretty magical on this show. After Abigail decides to move out, Chloe tries to console her mother by uploading this track to her iPhone. Later, as Madeline gazes at the ocean following a car accident, the song reprises.

3. GLOW - Queen "Under Pressure"

GLOW - Queen "Under Pressure"
This song is a bit on the nose for the scene where Ruth takes her pregnancy test. But regardless of context, this song is a banger!

4. The Handmaid's Tale - Jay Reatard "Waiting For Something"

The Handmaid's Tale - Jay Reatard "Waiting For Something"
This song does a wonderful job of portraying the rage that Oglen feels at realizing the mutilation she has been subjected to in this episode. It’s the soundtrack to inside of her gut, her heart, and her head.

5. Justified - Fontaine "Running on Empty

Justified - Fontaine "Running on Empty
This song is so hauntingly beautiful. It plays during a scene where Boyd shows Mara his tattoos and absolutely adds a bit of sexual energy to the tone.

6. Grey's Anatomy - The Fray "How To Save A Life"

Grey's Anatomy - The Fray "How To Save A Life"
This episode shared its title with The Fray song which scored it. This song is also an eerily perfect accompaniment for an episode which saw the death of one of the show's most beloved characters, Derek Shepherd

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