17 TV Rivalries That Blossomed Into Friendship

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Television shows don't work without enemies and rivalries. There has to be conflicts and drama and we all know there's nothing better than watching two foes square off against one another!

But sometimes a rivalry that was meant to carry on for years is shifted when the characters display so much chemistry that the writers have no choice but to pair them as buddies.

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Some of these friendships are genuine and beautiful, while others may still be prickly and rough around the edges, but they're a friendship nonetheless. 

Here we take a look at some of the best rivalries that slowly (or quickly) bloomed into memorable friendships!

1. Dan & Blair on Gossip Girl

Dan & Blair on Gossip Girl
Dan and Blair started off as fierce adversaries and carried that rivalry up until the later seasons of Gossip Girl when their relationship softened and love eventually grew. Whether you were a Dair shipper or not, you can't deny the friendship between the two had its fair share of great moments.

2. Zack & Slater on Saved By The Bell

Zack & Slater on Saved By The Bell
When AC Slater came to town and set his sights on Kelly, he immediately became Zack Morris's biggest rival. But the bromance between the two just couldn't be denied and by the end of the series, Preppy and AC were arguably closer than Zack and his childhood best friend, Screech.

3. Cheryl & Veronica on Riverdale

Cheryl & Veronica on Riverdale
Complicated doesn't even scratch the surface when it comes to these two. Cheryl and Veronica may seem destinied to be rivals, but Veronica has proven that when Cheryl needs a friend, she will be there.

4. Jim & Dwight on The Office

Jim & Dwight on The Office
The Office gave us many treats over the years, but none better than the epic pranks between rivals Jim and Dwight. These two really went at it at times, but who can forget the time Jim sat with Dwight in the stairwell, to show him support in his time of need. It still makes me smile!

5. Buck & Eddie on 9-1-1

Buck & Eddie on 9-1-1
Buck was immediately intimidated by the handsome newcomer to station 118, but once he realized Eddie was a really nice guy and someone to admire not rival, the two became fast friends. Their budding bromance has been one of the best parts of 9-1-1 Season 2.

6. Bonnie & Damon on The Vampire Diaries

Bonnie & Damon on The Vampire Diaries
Bonnie and Damon were bitter enemies from the very beginning and it didn't seem like they would ever be more than that. But then they were trapped in the Prison World of 1994 and Bamon was offcially formed. Oh how I miss that banter!

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