20 Friendliest Exes on TV

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Break-ups are equally as messy in real life as they are on TV shows. 

It's rare to see exes who remain friends after choosing to put an end to the romantic nature of their relationship.

However, there are a handful of former couples that have gotten away with it. 

We'd like to think that one day, we too can be just as friendly with some of our exes as Liza and Josh on Younger or Elena and Stefan on The Vampire Diaries. 

Peep our list of couples that prove you don't have to hate your ex, then, make sure to comment with any additions! 

1. Josh and Liza - Younger

Josh and Liza - Younger
Josh and Liza may be the friendliest exes to ever walk the planet. Whenever he needs her, she's there to be to offer a shoulder to cry on, impart some "been there, done that" wisdom, or set him up with the cute Irish lad at the bar. They've grasped that they are moving on from something really intimate and accept the hurt simply to be in each other's lives. Granted, Josh is still into Liza and thus, holding out hope for a reconciliation, but none of that is an issue for her. And she's super understanding about his living arrangements with her besties Kelsey and Lauren and his bond with her soul-sister, Maggie.

2. Peyton and Nathan - One Tree Hill

Peyton and Nathan - One Tree Hill
Peyton and Nathan dated briefly and though there were good times, the majority of their relationship could be described as toxic. They were always better off as friends which is why they held no resentment for each other. In fact, Peyton became best friends with Nathan's wife Hailey and married his step-brother, Lucas!

3. Serena and Dan - Gossip Girl

Serena and Dan - Gossip Girl
Serena and Dan may have gotten their happily ever after but it wasn't always sunshine and rainbows between them. This is the Upper-East side, after all, so everything was an obstacle from the realization that they were from two different worlds to the romantic history linking their parents. But somehow, they always found a way to be supportive of each other.

4. Caroline and Matt - The Vampire Diaries

Caroline and Matt - The Vampire Diaries
Caroline and Matt may not have worked out because dating a vampire when you are solely anti-vampires is a recipe for disaster, but in a small town like Mystic Falls, everyone keeps on keeping on. The two were able to form a close friendship eventually and remained friends long after the series ended. Going into the spin-off Legacies, they are one of the few "original" characters still living and hopefully, re-living old times.

5. Alex and Ryan - Quantico

Alex and Ryan - Quantico
When your ex is also your partner in the FBI, you're naturally forced to remain cordial. Alex and Ryan always cared for each other even after he married her best friend, Shelby. Honestly, Alex's tolerance meant that Ryan was never supposed to be her soulmate.

6. Dan and Chloe - Lucifer

Dan and Chloe - Lucifer
The saying "opposites attract" exists because it's entirely possible for two people not to work out because they are too similar. Dan and Chloe were both too attached to their jobs, often putting all the TLC into their cases and not their relationship. They've come to understand that there is still room to be friends and even give each other relationship advice on occasion.

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