18 Photos from Teen Wolf "Echo House"

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On Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 20 Stiles faced his bleakest days yet as he entered Eichen House, the same facility where Barrow was committed, to try to save his friends from what he might become at the hands of the Nogitsune.

While inside he found a helpful ally in Ms. Morrell and a potential love interest in Peter Hale's were-coyote daughter Malia. She helped him and hurt him as he's the reason the Nogitsune found his way back into Stiles mind.


1. Stiles and Dad at Eichen House

Stiles and Dad at Eichen House
Stiles prepares to commit himself to the same institution that housed Barrow in an attempt to protect his friends and family.

2. Scott Looks On

Scott Looks On
Scott watches helplessly as Stiles commits himself to Eichen House to protect his friends from what he might become.

3. Malia in Eichen House

Malia in Eichen House
Stiles encounters Malia at Eichen House, just before she greets him with a punch to the face.

4. Stiles Taken Down

Stiles Taken Down
Stiles is taken down to the ground after Malia punches him by way of greeting.

5. Argent and Derek in Jail

Argent and Derek in Jail
Argent and Derek discuss their willingness to take down Stiles if it means ending the Nogitsune. They have plenty of time to contemplate while in jail.

6. Persistent Nogitsune

Persistent Nogitsune
The Nogistune continually tries to find ways to gain access to Stiles mind, lurking around every corner.

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