19 Reasons Why Liza and Charles Are Endgame on Younger

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After five long seasons filled with secrets and lies, #TeamCharles fans are getting their moment. 

Until now, audiences have been torn between Josh, Liza's hunky younger ex, and Charles, her sophisticated boss whom she gradually developed feelings for. 

While both men have given Liza something unique, Younger Season 6 is giving Liza and Charles a chance to be together.

After Charles found out Liza's real age, he gave up his company in order to fully pursue a relationship with her that was no longer forbidden. 

Things between the couple may have ended on a questionable note at the conclusion of Younger Season 5, but after polling Younger fans on Twitter we found out that there's more then a few reasons why #TeamCharles fans believe he's Liza's endgame. 

If you don't believe me, watch Younger online to get all the proof you need.

1. He Makes Sacrifices For Her

He Makes Sacrifices For Her
The biggest reason is that Charles sacrificed everything he's known for this relationship! Charles had everything to lose by falling in love with Liza, and yet he willingly gave up his grandfather's company just to be with her.

2. He Takes Her on Amazing Dates

He Takes Her on Amazing Dates
Where a man chooses to take you on a date says a lot about him as a person. Charles went above and beyond to plan date nights that put the regular dinner and a movie to shame. Liza and Charles took their time getting to know one another and didn't rush into a relationship. Charles' date night ideas are proof that he understands Liza's wants, needs, and likes.

3. He Loves Liza for Her Mind

He Loves Liza for Her Mind
A man who appreciates intelligence is like a diamond in the rough. There's no denying deny that Liza's a looker, but Charles was, first and foremost, attracted to her mind. They connected on an intellectual level; they both share a passion for literature and they've bonded over authors, writing styles, the arts, and even musical taste. Even when he didn't know her age, Charles admired Liza's "old soul." It's rare that a couple on television is not only physically but also intellectually attracted to one another.

4. They're on the Same Page

They're on the Same Page
They've both been through their fair share of heartache and learned a lot from their previous marriages. They are at a point in life where they know how rare it is to find someone you just vibe with. And they both want the same things out of life including no more children, which came between Liza and Josh. They relate as parents, as divorcees, and as adults looking for a serious relationship.

5. They Have Amazing Chemistry

They Have Amazing Chemistry
It's all about the elusive thing they call chemistry. You can't fake the kind of chemistry or passion that Liza and Charles have. From the longing stares to dirty dreams to not being able to keep their hands off of each other even in a professional space, anytime these two are in a room together it's HOT and heavy.

6. He Cooks and Lets Her WORK

He Cooks and Lets Her WORK
Marry the man that feeds you and encourages you to pursue your passion without getting angry, jealousy, or feeling insecure that your career may be taking precedence over his.

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