25 Reasons We Love New Amsterdam (And Why You Should Too)!

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There is a special place in our hearts for New Amsterdam

This heartwarming, feel-good, tearjerker of a medical series was one of the most promising new shows of the Fall. It was an instant hit and with good reason. Apparently, there is more room for another medical drama, especially if it's a good one. 

The first half of the season has been beautiful, emotional, and exciting. New Amsterdam found its groove and has consistently improved over time making it one of the strongest of the new series, and its match-up with This is Us is pure brilliance. 

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If you haven't been watching the series, then you're missing out. Below you'll find a list of reasons why we love this series and why you should watch it if you aren't already! 

New Amsterdam returns with all-new episodes January 8 on NBC. 

You can watch New Amsterdam online here at TV Fanatic if you need to catch up, and you can check out our New Amsterdam Reviews too!

1. Ryan Eggold's Performance

Ryan Eggold's Performance
Ryan Eggold is one of the most underrated actors on television, and there is no one more befitting of a leading man role. The beauty of Eggold's performance is that you can feel his genuine love for this role in his every scene because he pours everything into them. His enthusiastic approach to embodying the bleeding heart, earnest, flawed Max Goodwin affirms his passion and is infectious. Goodwin is a very layered character, and Eggold is nuanced in his approach to what lies beneath a well-intentioned Max. Not only is his performance underrated, but it's some of his best work to date.

2. Touches on Real and Current Issues

Touches on Real and Current Issues
The show loves to take on social issues that affect everyone and shed light on ones that aren't focused on often or portrayed in the best way. So far, the series has beautifully explored mental illness like depression and the stigma in Asian/Asian American communities. It has touched on treating undocumented immigrants. It has provided insight into what the foster care system is like for a teen, and it also has explored the transition process for a trans teen. The show is fresh, current, and not afraid to dig into tough topics.

3. Freema Agyeman as Helen

Freema Agyeman as Helen
Agyeman is an underrated sci-fi goddess, so her role as Helen Sharpe is different than what most are accustomed to seeing her play. Naturally, she's extraordinary as Helen. Helen is portrayed as fierce and powerful, but she's also so beautifully vulnerable and just a little bit broken. The show allows her to be both, which should be simple enough, but sadly isn't, and between being a beautiful crier, and witty, smart, and vulnerable while still holding things back, there isn't anyone else I can envision playing this character and pulling off the range.

4. Heartwarming and Feel Good

Heartwarming and Feel Good
Feels, feels, feels everywhere! There aren't a lot of heartwarming series still on the air, so in that sense, New Amsterdam is refreshing. It sets its heart out on evoking every emotion there is, and it succeeds in that with its likable characters, stirring storylines, and heartwarming and heartbreaking cases. The series couldn't be lined up better than airing behind This Is Us.

5. Iggy Frome

Iggy Frome
Iggy is one of the best characters, hands down. Unlike most medical series, he's the steady psychologist at hand, and because the series doesn't shy away from properly exploring mental health, his cases are the most compelling. Iggy's demeanor is endearing, but also important. The juxtaposition of him being the jokester and the wisest makes him relatable and approachable, which is a valuable image to project of a therapist. Therapists are often viewed as intimidating figures, and not only is Iggy's portrayal spot on, but he also makes therapy nonintimidating and normalizes it.

6. Supremely Talented Cast

Supremely Talented Cast
New Amsterdam has one of the best ensembles on television at the moment. Most people probably tuned into the series for Ryan Eggold, and as established already, he's exceptional in this role, but his co-stars rise to the occasion too. It's such a strong, talented cast, and there isn't a weak link in the bunch. The entire cast has fabulous chemistry with one another. As a result, they bring these characters to life, and the series as a whole is enjoyable through and through.

7. Touching Cases

Touching Cases
There isn't a single case on this series that won't move you. The series takes care with each of its cases by fleshing them out and giving them to attention that they deserve. The patients feel like real people, and you get invested in each of their stories and journeys and want the best for them, and as a result, it's a feels fest.

8. Patient Care is of the Utmost Importance

Patient Care is of the Utmost Importance
The entire premise of the series is about a passionate doctor healing the system. Ironically, ideas like prioritizing the well-being of the patient over dollar signs or statistics are radical. As far as medical dramas go, New Amsterdam is every bit a love letter to patients as it is a love letter to the unsung heroes who save lives.

9. Beautifully and Realistically Diverse

Beautifully and Realistically Diverse
The series goes out of its way to show representation for some of everyone. The diversity is reflective of the country and diverse city that it takes place in. The entire cast is comprised of multiple races, ethnicities, ages, and genders. Iggy is casually revealed to be a gay man who is married and has multiracial, Muslim kids. Helen and Kapoor are from different countries. One of the background doctors featured often is a Little Person. There are characters, whether doctors or patients, from all walks of life and while the series makes a conscious effort, it never feels forced.

10. Sharpwin

Max and Helen are such a fantastic duo. Initially, it was a secret that bound them together. However, their bond has since evolved into a beautiful friendship where they bare their feelings and confide in one another. They have a mutual understanding and respect for one another and that's something that appeals to everyone whether they 'ship them romantically or platonically. It's a credit to Eggold and Agyeman's natural chemistry that everyone adores Sharpwin regardless of what form it's in, and the series is aware of it and treats us to at least one fantastic scene with the two each installment.

11. Kapoor and Iggy Bromance

Kapoor and Iggy Bromance
Every show needs a bromance, and New Amsterdam has a couple of them. Kapiggy, as some of the Dam Fam like to refer to them as, is all the friendship goals. When the two of them partner up, which is often, it's nonstop humor, fun, and badassery. They both are fantastic at their jobs on their own, so together, they are a force. They have some of the best chemistry on the show.

12. It Keeps You on the Edge of Your Seat

It Keeps You on the Edge of Your Seat
New Amsterdam left fans with a hell of a cliffhanger, and it shows that the series knows how to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. It's an exciting series that can be fast-paced but also knows when to slow things down and let scenes breathe and moments to resonate.

13. Explores Doctor Burnout

Explores Doctor Burnout
New Amsterdam has a more wholesome feel than other medical dramas, but the characters remain real, grounded, and flawed. None more than Lauren Bloom. While Lauren's Adderall/pill-popping and aversion to going home and getting rest is frustrating, especially as she is slowly proving to be a danger to herself and others, it's also realistic. Medical professionals are on a short list of those with stressful jobs that lead to a host of issues, and it's something that isn't explored nearly enough as it should be.

14. The Hospital is Its Own Character

The Hospital is Its Own Character
The series took the time to film some scenes at Bellevue. The hospital is as much of a character on New Amsterdam as the actual characters. The series loves to run facts about the hospital, and the history is respected and treated with care. It's subtle but still an exciting aspect of this show.

15. Nurse Casey

Nurse Casey
Fret not, Alejandro Hernandez. We have nothing but love for you (and Casey). No, but seriously, Casey is the best scene-stealer. Shoutout to the series for giving us a badass male nurse who knows his sh!t and isn't afraid to call the doctors out on theirs. He's straightforward, observant, nurturing, and he, much like the doctors, always puts the patients first. His relationship with Bloom is interesting (enough to spark a 'ship Cabloom). Let's hope the second half of the season features Casey more!

16. Kapoor's Gripping Family Arc

Kapoor's Gripping Family Arc
Vijay Kapoor is fantastically played by one of India's icons, Anupam Kher. Kapoor is an incredible doctor, and that has been proven time and again, but his most compelling storyline involves his fraught relationship with his son Rohan. It's an ongoing arc and an ongoing journey for the two of them to mend their relationship as we come to understand so many things stand in the way including Rohan's addiction. The resolution of this arc will be a highlight of the remainder of the season.

17. Perfect Soundtrack

Perfect Soundtrack
The show is all about the feels, and it's always heightened with the perfect songs to fit the mood. You can expect a little Motown, some Indie, and a whole lot of acoustic covers of pop hits that fit the occasions. You'll find yourself singing along, laughing along, and crying along.

18. Active Cast and Crew and Interactive Fandom

Active Cast and Crew and Interactive Fandom
The only thing better than watching each episode is tweeting about it. The people behind the series value and appreciate their fans and don't hesitate to interact with them across the board on social media. It's a very close-knit and active fandom, and it makes the series more enjoyable being a part of it.

19. Quotes to Live By

Quotes to Live By
Iggy is behind a good 70% of the inspirational quotes on this series that make you want to inscribe them on a placard and hang them on your wall. I like to call them Iggyisms. That said, there are so many powerful, poignant, and motivating quotes that touch your soul, but that's to be expected on a series where one man asking "how can I help?" makes you so emotional it nearly knocks you off your feet.

20. Perfect Work - Life Balance

Perfect Work - Life Balance
Although the series is a medical drama, it's also very character-driven. We get to see many of the characters in a more personal setting even though we don't follow all of them home. Almost every character has their own personal arc that is outside of their job.

21. Grounded Approach to 'Ships

Grounded Approach to 'Ships
This series isn't overdramatic with its 'ships. Romance, love, and attraction are part of the series, but it's not the main focus. While it is an area that hasn't been without its flaws such as the controversy in how race was factored into the inevitable Reynolds and Bloom 'ship, or the unfortunate fact that despite being married and expecting Max and Georgia lacked chemistry for a long time, the show's approach to 'ships is more grounded and realistic. The established or semi-established couples have real problems that they are attempting to navigate and genuine moments that are endearing.

22. It's Inspiring

It's Inspiring
Kindness and empathy are at the root of every episode and the series in its entirety. The series encourages being kind to one another and empathizing with and understanding each other. The series and its characters inspire. The series has gotten behind great causes like cancer screenings and organ donation and generally encourages viewers to get behind good causes and good deeds.

23. Informative

Did you know you could negotiate your hospital bill? Or that women of color surgeons are so underrepresented that there aren't even stats on them? Those are just a few tidbits you pick up while watching the series. The show has a wonderful way of educating without coming across condescending or detracting from the rest of the show.

24. Not Too Preachy

Not Too Preachy
Despite a plethora of issues the show chooses to address, staying current and topical the show doesn't come across preachy. The series manages to present issues without becoming political which is something that is difficult to do in this day and age and is more effective when it avoids alienating its viewers. The majority of the time it works best this way.

25. No, But Seriously. It Will Make You Cry!

No, But Seriously. It Will Make You Cry!
Happy tears, sad tears, why is Ryan Eggold so gosh damn handsome tears. When you watch New Amsterdam, you can expect all the tears, but it's in a good way. It's cleansing and beautiful. This series is a tearjerker, but the tears come and flow naturally. Tissues are a must.

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