27 Celebrities You Probably Forgot Were on Grey's Anatomy

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There have been many guest stars on Grey's Anatomy.

But you may not realize how many you will recognize straight away, or how many are on your favorite shows right now!

Scroll through the slideshow and get a look at celebrities who have checked into and out of Grey's Anatomy!

1. Candice Patton

Candice Patton
You know her as Barry's first love, Iris, on The Flash, but Candice Patton playued Megan Waylon on "Almost Grown." After surgery on her knee resulting from a motorcycle accident, she wound up with blurry vision, tingling and headache. Lexie ordered a CT and on it Meredith found a brain bleed and they rushed Megan to surgery.

2. Seth Green

Seth Green
You know him because he's a comic genius, but Seth Green was Nick Hanscrom in "Crash Into Me Parts 1 and 2" Nick had a tumor removed from his neck and there was only the lightest bit of skin covering his wound. He was flirting with Lexie and almost gets a date, but a big laugh bursts the artery, and blood sprays all over. He later dies and Lexie is really affected by it. Green is one of those actors who really enjoyed his time on set, and there are many bloody pics of him on the internet sporting a giant grin covered in arterial spray. It's adorable!

3. Holland Roden

Holland Roden
We know her well as Lydia on Teen Wolf, but Holland Roden played Gretchen Shaw on "This Magic Moment." She is the mother of conjoined twins who need to have a risky surgery to separate them because they are attached in opposite directions. Her children survived the surgery.

4. Matt Lanter

Matt Lanter
He'll be starring in a new pilot from Erik Kripke on NBC called "Time," but Matt Lanter was Adam Singer on "The Heart of the Matter." Adam was a high school football player who was paralyzed during a game. His father was ridiculously competitive, even screaming at Adam that he could take the pain as he head was being weighted after being fitted with a halo. His surgery was a success, but that only meant that walking again wouldn't be impossible.

5. Keke Palmer

Keke Palmer
She's now Zayday Williams on Scream Queens, but Keke Palmer played Sheryll Jeffries on "We Gotta Get Out of This Place." A pregnant teen with a heart defect, she was certain she was perfect for Cristina's trial. Cristina wouldn't take her, however, even after Shane tried to pursuade her.

6. Danny Strong

Danny Strong
He may be running an Empire now, but Danny Strong was Paul on "The Lion Sleeps Tonight." Paul didn't like cats, but he liked Naomi. So when Naomi wanted to introduce Paul to her cat, Kirby, he agreed. But Kirby was a lion, and when it approached Naomi, Paul panicked and he put his arm straight down Kirby's mouth. It is not for us to ask why. We just watch. During surgery, a tooth was extracted from Paul. Good times. Naomi lost Kirby. It's safe to say Paul eventually lost Naomi.

7. Vanessa Marano

Vanessa Marano
She's been Bay on Switched at Birth for years, but Vanessa Marano was Holly Wheeler in "The Girl With No Name." She had been kidnapped when she was six and escaped after 12 years when her captor said she was used up and he'd get another girl. She had many injuries and even a broken pelvis due to a pregnancy while held captive, but the baby died. Her parents were horrified at all of this and Holly had a tough time readjusting, but she did eventually go home.

8. Austin Basis

Austin Basis
We love him as JT on Beauty and the Beast, but Austin Basis was Devin on "If Only You Were Lonely" Devin was the victim of an espresso machine explosion. Darn thing blew him across the room and glass and shrapnel was embedded all over him. He even had an open humerus fracture. Many docs scrubbed in and luing and shoulder injuries were repaired. He'd need rehab but was otherwise good. Austin Basis was another fella who loved being on set all bloodied up. Check out the 'net for many photos of him reveling in his condition!

9. Danielle Panabaker

Danielle Panabaker
She's hanging with The Flash as Caitlin Snow now, but Danielle Panabaker was Kelsey Simmons on "Holidaze." Kelsey was a heart transplant patient who had a pseudoaneurysm along the suture line of her transplanted heart, making it useless. While in hospital, her organs started shutting down and she even had to have bowel surgery under local anesthesia, her boyfriend and staff singing Christmas carols to make it easier. In the end, she got a new heart and an extra, that of her boyfriend, who proposed after four dates because they'd already been through hell together. awwww

10. Sendhil Ramamurthy

Sendhil Ramamurthy
He's been in Heroes and Beauty and the Beast, but Sendhil Ramamurthy played Intern #2 in the Grey's series premiere. He missed his big break!! Notice Cristina giving him the stink eye? He wouldn't have stood a chance.

11. Liza Weil

Liza Weil
She's all kinds of trouble on How to Get Away with Murder, but Liza Weil played Alison Clark, a friend of Izzie's on "Here's to Future Days." She had been battling cancer for two years and started a trial. Unfortunately, her bowel perforated, but they couldn't successfully operate because of she was too unstable. She remained on a ventilator while her parents and boyfriend were told she'd never wake up.

12. Russell Hornsby

Russell Hornsby
You know him best as Hank on Grimm, but Russell Hornsby played Digby Owens on "The Self-Destruct Button." Digby was a patient who had a friend shoot him in the arm because he liked the scars and he died due to a severe infection from his latest tattoo.

13. Constance Zimmer

Constance Zimmer
She's dealing with the unreality of it all as Quinn on UnREAL, Constance Zimmer was Dr. Alana Cahill, and her first appearance was on "Walking on a Dream." Alana Cahill was a physician advisor brought in to help the hosptial avoid bankruptcy after it had to pay some of its doctors $15 Million each. She took a very hands on approach. On her first day, she hopped in to a bed to see how long it would take to be seen in the ER. It took 45 minutes before anyone got around to her. Whoops!

14. Jesse Plemmons

Jesse Plemmons
He just came off a stellar season of Fargo, but Jesse Plemmons was Jake Burton on "Yesterday." He had a brain tumor caused by lionitis. He was born with craniodiaphyseal dysplasia and admitted after complaining of headaches and nausea. It was planned that Derek would do a tumor resection and Mark would remove the turmors from his face. He died during the resection. Alex and Cristina thought it would be nice to continue with the facial reconstruction. When it was all finished, Jake's parents went in and cried over their son's body.

15. Summer Glau

Summer Glau
She's a favorite who pops up everywhere, but Summer Glau was Emily Kovach, first introduced on "One Step Too Far." Unlucky for Emily, Cristina suspected her of sleeping with Owen and came upon her wrath. She was not, however, sleeping with the good doctor.

16. Josh Malina

Josh Malina
You know him as Scandal's David Rosen, but Josh Malina was Seth Hammer on "In the Midnight Hour. Seth's wife, Lauren, thought she had stomach cancer because she self-diagnosed on the internet. As you do. She also took antibiotics because she thought she had a staph infection. It was only a pimple. But the antibiotics took away all the good bacteria in her gut. She needed a fecal transplant. And Seth needed to donate. He was angry and wouldn't stick around for the transplant. This story was so good it deserved a GIF!

17. Jurnee Smollett Bell

Jurnee Smollett Bell
She's currently wowing audiences on Underground, but Jurnee Smollett Bell appeared as Beth Monroe on "Freedom Parts 1 & 2." Beth was a part of Derek and Meredith's tumor trial. She met her boyfriend, Jeremy, while being treated at the Mayo Clinic. He was a part of the trial, as well, but died. When the trial was threatened with closure, Beth's surgery was moved up and she became the first patient to survive.

18. Tom Verica

Tom Verica
You know him as Sam on How to Get Away with Murder, but Tom Verica was Michael Norris on "Rise Up." Michael was Erica Hahn's patient whose heart was stolen by Izzie Stevens for Denny. Both men got donors, but Denny's donor died. Burke started a fight for the other heart, but Michael went onto the list 17 seconds earlier than Denny. Eventually, Izzie lied and said that Denny was getting worse, hoping to move his status up so he'd get the heart. When they asked her to confirm with tests, she cut Denny's LVAD wire to worsen his condition so she could get confirming tests results. The heart ultimately went to Denny, causing Michael to go back on the transplant list.

19. Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci
She recently played Lizzie Borden, but beginning with "It's the End of the World" and ending with "As We Know It" Ricci played a paramedic who came into the ER with her hand on a bomb inside of someone's abdomen. She managed to switch out positions with Meredith and scoot out while the team took over.

20. Kyle Chandler

Kyle Chandler
We know him from Friday Night Lights and Bloodline, but on On "It's the End of the World" and "As We Know It," Chandler was the bomb squad leader who helped evacuate the hospital and stayed with Meredith after she was transferred to the bomb that was inside a patient's chest. As soon as the bomb was out of the patient and Meredith transferred it to him, he's blown to bits (pink mist) right in front of her. But he's not someone Meredith forgot, as he came to her in a vision when she was drowning in Season 3, to coach her back to the living.

21. Maggie Siff

Maggie Siff
She's currently being naughty on Billions, but Maggie Siff played Ruthie Sales who suffered early osteoporosis and had a crushed ankle on "The Heart of the Matter." Ruthie had lost 40 pounds so her boyfriend, Will, would stop smoking and they could move in together. Apparently the over training made her nutritionally unfit and she had a bleeding ulcer. All of that together kept her from surviving the surgery to repair the ulcer. Wow.

22. Kevin Rahm

Kevin Rahm
He's been in Mad Men and Bates Motel, but Kevin Rahm played Mr. Duff on "Save Me." Dr. Duff was admitted to the hospital by his family after he claimed to be psychic. Apparently saying you talk to dead people makes you dangerous. He had siezures that started lining up with hospital deaths and even predicted Cristina's pregnancy, which freaked her out enough to ask to be removed from the case. Eventually, Izzie discovered he had an arteriovenous malformation in his temporal lobe.

23. Elizabeth Moss

Elizabeth Moss
You know her best as Peggy Olson on Mad Men, but Elizabeth Moss was Nina Rogerson on "My Favorite Mistake." Nina arrived at the hospital with her mother, of whom she was very protective. Her mom had a strange condition wherein any trauma turned to bone. When she needed risky surgery, she only got it because Nina wanted her to, so Nina was devastated when her mom died on the table. She discovered afterward, however, that her mom only wanted her to live her life and be happy.

24. Callum Blue

Callum Blue
He starred on Proof last summer, but Callum Blue was Viper on "Winning a Battle, Losing the War." Viper was a an outgoing and charismatic biker who was admitted twith bicycle spokes in his side as a result of a bike race. Alex pulled the spokes out and Meredith grudgingly sewed him up. He left before it was advised and wound up back again, coughing up blood. He went into surgery, but afterwards, he was fine, much to the relief of a group of his waiting friends. Meredith didn't get away scott free, though. He flirted outrageously and even kissed her before taking his leave.

25. Mary Lynn Rajskub

Mary Lynn Rajskub
You know her best as Chloe from 24, but Mary Lynn Rajskub appeared as Marion Steiner on "Poker Face." Marion arrived at the hospital with her husband Jake, not long after their honeymoon. Jake had a perforated stomach and bowel obstruction but no idea why. As Marion scratched a rash, Jake wondered if it was due to the same thing. Ugh! They both ate sushi at a train station in Thailand and got a worm. His was busily eating away at his C-4 vertabrae so he was rushed into surgery and they removed Marion's from her arm in the meantime.

26. Eric Stoltz

Eric Stoltz
He's been a star for decades, but Eric Stoltz first appeared as death row inmate William Dunn on "Wish You Were Here," arriving five days before his execution after being stabbed in the spine with a shank. He tried to convince Meredith to allow him to die there and donate his organs. Derek and Bailey override her wishes during surgery, but Meredith later attended his execution so he could have a friendly face with him as he died.

27. Amber Benson

Amber Benson
She'll always be Buffy's Tara to us, but Amber Benson played Corrine Henley on "That's Me Trying." Corrine came to the hospital with her dad, Roy, who was getting a new set of lungs. She hadn't seen him in 20 years. She called him Roy upon arrival, and after he went to surgery, she felt badly about it, wondering if he knew about her twins, if they would have the chance to make up for lost time, etc.

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