38 Hottest 'Ships of Fall 2018!

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The first half of the new TV season is under our belts, and with it comes new couples and potential couples that catch our eyes and our hearts.

Some of them are familiar faces still burning hot and keeping that love alive, and others are brand-new making a name for themselves and building up an army of dedicated 'shippers. 

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Some of them are canon, others are slow burns, and some 'ships are pure wish fulfillment generating buzz amongst passionate fans even if their beloved couple doesn't have a shot in hell of coming to fruition. 

Check out our list of the Hottest "ships burning up the screen this Fall, and hit the comments with your thoughts and suggestions! 


1. Neil and Claire - The Good Doctor

Neil and Claire - The Good Doctor
The relationship between these two has 'shippers on the edge of their seats. There has been friction between Claire and Neil, and their sexual tension is so thick it can be cut with a scalpel.Status: Someone is prime to make a move. Soon.

2. Meredith and DeLuca - Grey's Anatomy

Meredith and DeLuca - Grey's Anatomy
Who would have thought a drunken kiss would pique so many people's interest? Meredith may have a few suitors, but DeLuca is at the top of the pack. Status: Despite a love triangle, DeLuca may come out of the winner.

3. Ben and Saanvi - Manifest

Ben and Saanvi - Manifest
This investigative duo will get to the bottom of the Manifest secrets and have 'shippers rooting for them along the way. Status: They're supposed to be friends, but is anyone rooting for Ben and Grace to work things out? No. Ben deserves better, and so do we. Give the people what they want.

4. Gary and Maggie - A Million Little Things

Gary and Maggie - A Million Little Things
Their relationship happened fast, like skipped a bunch of steps "thanks for coming to my best friend's funeral with me" kind of fast. It's also the most compelling. Status: It can only end in tears. Grab your tissues.

5. Omar and Ander - Elite

Omar and Ander - Elite
Omar and Ander are also separated by religion and social status, but their biggest obstacle is Omar hiding his sexuality from his devout Muslim parents. Their stolen moments are breathtaking. Status: They love each other. They'll find a way to beat the odds.

6. Magnum and Higgins - Magnum P.I.

Magnum and Higgins - Magnum P.I.
Of course 'shippers were going to jump onboard a Higgins and Magnum 'ship when they saw a female Higgins and Magnum sharing the screen. It didn't hurt that they have a funny dynamic that is a highlight of the show. Status: Give it to us!

7. Conrad and Nic - The Resident

Conrad and Nic - The Resident
These two are so perfect together it's sickening, but they're badass medical professionals so they can make you feel better if you're dying from cuteness overload. CoNic is everything! Status:Trouble might be on the horizon, but they're going to work through it. They freaking have to, OK?!

8. Sara and Ava - DC Legends of Tomorrow

Sara and Ava - DC Legends of Tomorrow
It's like Sara and Ava skipped a lot of steps, and now they're the established couple of the series and playing Time parents to a horde of unruly, kooky, misfit heroes. It's the cutest thing ever! Status:The Time moms and their time children are alright!

9. Athena and Bobby - 9-1-1

Athena and Bobby - 9-1-1
This pairing seemingly came out of nowhere, but it worked the second it was into play. Bobby and Athena have each experienced hardships, but they are made for each other. Status: Bobby found a new love and a new family. These two are in it for a lifetime. Please, keep it that way!

10. Jack and Rebecca - This Is Us

Jack and Rebecca - This Is Us
Only This Is Us would have us falling in love and shipping an epic romance all over again. The third season is exploring their beginning, Jack Pearson at any age and any stage in his life will still make anyone swoon. Status: Tragically beautiful.

11. Max and Helen - New Amsterdam

Max and Helen - New Amsterdam
Max and Helen have the type of chemistry that can best be described as lightning in a bottle, so it's no wonder Sharpwin is the most popular 'ship. They may have did too good of a job selling us on their friendship! Status: Max is married with a kid on the way, so it's probably not gonna happen. Shippers are gonna 'ship though.

12. John and Lucy - The Rookie

John and Lucy - The Rookie
John found his calling and a love interest when he attended the police academy. These two are so hot together that it's criminal. Status: On a break for the sake of professionalism, but they can't stay away from each other for long, now can they?

13. Kevin and Zoe - This Is Us

Kevin and Zoe - This Is Us
Kevin dating Beth's cousin could've been a disaster, instead, it's a mature, authentic, balanced relationship. They tackle their problems together be it racism, childhood trauma, or commitmentphobia, and Kevin's growth is showcased. Status: This is ... the real deal. These two may be in it for the long haul.

14. Levi and Nico - Grey's Anatomy

Levi and Nico - Grey's Anatomy
The attraction was instant, but Levi standing up to Nico and a hot make-out session had fans ecstatic. Status: If the ambulance is a-rockin' don't come a-knockin'. Schmico is the most exciting 'ship on the series in a while.

15. Maggie and OA - FBI

Maggie and OA - FBI
It's pretty standard that when you have close partners working together, they're bound to be 'shipped together too. Maggie and OA's close friendship has people craving more! Status: They have work to do, people! Romance will have to wait.

16. Hughes and Ripley - Station 19

Hughes and Ripley - Station 19
This pair is sizzling. They have that perfect forbidden workplace sexiness expected from Shondaland couples. Status: If they can keep things professional in the firehouse and the power dynamic doesn't come into play during the age of the #MeToo Movement, their fiery rendezvous won't be put out for a while.

17. Claire and Jamie - Outlander

Claire and Jamie - Outlander
Their love is timeless. It doesn't get any hotter than that, and if you need it to get hotter there are plenty of sweet and/or raunchy sex scenes that will do the trick. Status: A hopeless romantic's dream.

18. Mel and Niko - Charmed

Mel and Niko - Charmed
Niko left her fiancee to be with Mel, and Mel did everything in her power to save Niko. Their relationship runs hot and cold, and it has obstacles, but that's what makes it so intriguing. Status: With magic anything is possible, and these two are magic when they are together.

19. Mina and AJ - The Resident

Mina and AJ - The Resident
AJ has mentored Mina in medicine, life, and opening herself up to love. They have electric chemistry and some similarities, so they work well as a friendship or mentor/mentee relationship, but the possibility of more is intriguing. Status: A smooth and sexy slow burn done right. Works for us!

20. FP and Alice - Riverdale

FP and Alice - Riverdale
The OG Cooper-Jones 'ship is sexy as hell proving the parents can have some fun too. Their chemistry is off the charts, and they have a history and a deep bond. Status: Undefined. They're fooling around, but they haven't defined it, and FP's ex is coming to Riverdale soon.

21. Nadia and Guzman - Elite

Nadia and Guzman - Elite
On his own, Guzman was a jerk the majority of the time, but he was at his best with Nadia. She makes him a better person. Their different religion, race, and social standing caused just the right amount of conflict, but love should prevail, right? Status: Starcrossed lovers separated by different worlds.

22. Connor and Oliver - How to Get Away With Murder

Connor and Oliver - How to Get Away With Murder
Connor and Oliver's relationship is a bright spot in a dark series. Coliver fans were thrilled they and their relationship survived. After all the crazy, toxic, mismatched, cringeworthy, and tragic 'ships on this series, Coliver is #CoupleGoals. Status: They liked it and put a ring on it, now just don't kill them!

23. Miles and Cara - God Friended Me

Miles and Cara - God Friended Me
When these two eventually make it official, they can tell people that God brought them together. That means they're meant to be. They're the perfect OTP if it's been anointed by a higher power. Status: It's complicated. See what I did there? These two are endgame though, so we don't mind waiting patiently.

24. Joe and Beck - YOU

Joe and Beck - YOU
Joe and Beck's love can't get more problematic if it tried, and yet, they were hot as hell together. Their chemistry was off the charts, so that alone, and only that alone is why they made it onto the list. Status: As you can imagine, it didn't end well. Like, at all.

25. Eleanor and Chidi - The Good Place

Eleanor and Chidi - The Good Place
If you thrive off of opposites attract, and you think there is someone for everyone then there's a reason why Eleanor and Chidi are one the hottest 'ships that fans can't resist. They're soulmates, plain and simple, and they can't fight it. Status: Fated to be together. Period.

26. Amy and Jonah - Superstore

Amy and Jonah - Superstore
These two have been orbiting around each other for so long, so them getting together was inevitable. Of course, it couldn't be a more complicated time for them since Amy just had a baby that is not Jonah's. Status: A beautiful mess, and we love it!

27. Severide and Stella - Chicago Fire

Severide and Stella - Chicago Fire
Who knew Stella and Severide would grow into this beautiful, healthy couple? Severide has a history of failed relationships, and Stella came out of a bad one with her ex, but this is the most healthy relationship Severide has ever had. Status: They have been through fire together, and they're stronger than ever.

28. Travis and Grant - Station 19

Travis and Grant - Station 19
Travis has finally opened his heart up to Grant and is finally happy, and Grant is so caring, supportive, and he cooks. The two of them are smoking hot together too. Status: Trouble in Paradise. As long as they communicate, they should be able to work things out.

29. Coop and Patience - All American

Coop and Patience - All American
There is nothing like young love, and Coop and Patience's romantic relationship is the best. Too bad Coop's homophobic mom can't accept them. Status: Coop was kicked out of her own home over this. You will have to pry this 'ship from our cold, dead hands!

30. Connor and Ava - Chicago Med

Connor and Ava - Chicago Med
Everyone loves an enemies to friends to lovers 'ship, right? Well, if that's your thing, Connor and Ava are it. At some point, all that pent-up energy, competitive nature, and sexual tension was bound to lead to something. Status: Just what the doctor ordered.

31. Fiji and Bobo - Midnight, Texas

Fiji and Bobo - Midnight, Texas
Fiji took save a horse ride a cowboy to heart. Their love life was smoking hot, I'm talking floating sex type of hot. Status: Separated and sad. That's what happens when your human boyfriend might die if you don't stop being intimate. Why won't Fiji's ancestors let Boji be great?

32. Anissa and Grace - Black Lightning

Anissa and Grace - Black Lightning
Grace and Anissa have all the complicated history and back and forth that drives 'shippers wild. They also have amazing chemistry and if there is a checklist for a perfect 'ship, they check off every box. Status: They are literally a power couple. Let them be happy!

33. Sweet Pea and Josie - Riverdale

Sweet Pea and Josie - Riverdale
Imagine our surprise when we found out these two had a summer fling! Given the criminal lack of screentime for both, being paired up would put them on the map. Status: Apparently, it was just a fling. We haven't seen much from the unexpected couple since the premiere. Boo!

34. Heahmund and Lagertha - Vikings

Heahmund and Lagertha - Vikings
Forbidden love is always intriguing. Right now, this 'ship seems one-sided after Heahmund confessed his love to Lagertha. But the forbidden nature of it may make it the latest hot 'ship of the season. Status: Surprised but not disappointed. This might be interesting.

35. Zari and Charlie - DC Legends of Tomorrow

Zari and Charlie - DC Legends of Tomorrow
You can't put two people together in a time ship and have them bickering nose to nose all of the time without it giving fans a few ideas. The tension between them is too irresistible to pass up. Status: The past, the present, the future, we don't care. Just go for it, ladies!

36. Sabrina and Harvey - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Sabrina and Harvey - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
Their differences are meant to drive them apart, but these two refuse to allow that to happen. They're total couple goals. Status: The ultimate OTP.

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