Beauty and the Beast Photos from "Held Hostage"

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Preview photos from Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 11, "Held Hostage" airing Monday, January 27, on The CW.

1. The Claws Come Out

The Claws Come Out
Whenever Cat's in trouble Vincent'a claws..and teeth come out. "Held Hostage" is the 11th episode of the show's second season.

2. Saving the Day

Saving the Day
Has Gabe arrived to save the day? He certainly wouldn't mind if it earned him another kiss from Cat.

3. A Dead Man's Wallet

A Dead Man's Wallet
So why is Vincent going through this dead man's wallet on the latest Beauty and the Beast?

4. Gabe's Got a Body

Gabe's Got a Body
Is the body with the knife in it Gabe's latest case and will Cat be there to help?

5. What Wouldn't Vincent Do?

What Wouldn't Vincent Do?
Is there anything Vincent wouldn't do to save Cat when her life is in danger? I don't think this guy wants to find out.

6. Coming Up With a Plan

Coming Up With a Plan
Will Vincent come up with a plan to save Cat from a hostage situation at the precinct on Beauty and the Beast?

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Beauty and the Beast Quotes

Vargas:This is where he lives? A chemical plant?
Cat: He's a researcher, maybe he works from home?
Vargas: Or maybe it's a meth lab.
Cat: Just my type.

Everyone told me it was just a coyote or a bear. This thing I thought I had seen was just a result of my concussion or post traumatic stress. No, the men who killed my mother were beasts. I believed them. Until now.