10 TV Fight Scenes That Left Us Gasping for Breath

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It's hard to believe the summer is already here, but at least we ended the season with some major badass battles to tide us over until the fall.

This spring we were blown away by some of the most over-the-top fight scenes and brutal brawls we've ever seen from our favorite comic book shows. I don't know about you guys, but some of those scenes made my eyes pop out of my head!

Other shows got our attention, too with amazing stunt work that just left our mouths hanging open. We should all go to Jane's School of Acrobatics! I wouldn't mind learning some of her tricks, would you?

Even a simple slap made us gasp! 

But, the best are always those knock 'em down, drag 'em out fights that only couples can do.

What were your favorite fights of the spring? Check out our picks below and let us know if you agree!

1. The Good Wife - A Slap is Worth a Thousand Words

The Good Wife - A Slap is Worth a Thousand Words
After Alicia brought out evidence that Diane's husband Kurt may have had an affair in court, mortifying Diane, we aren't surprised that Diane took advantage of an opportunity to give Alicia what was coming to her. We guess that's the end of their partnership, right?

2. Blindspot - Can't Keep This Woman Down

Blindspot - Can't Keep This Woman Down
Pretty much anytime Jane has her hands tied behind her back, to a chair, etc. But, most specifically, when she escaped by doing a flip to break the chair, and then got into an epic fist fight with Oscar. The stunt work was far beyond anything we've seen.

3. The 100 - Goodbye Ice Queen

The 100 - Goodbye Ice Queen
While she could have chosen someone to fight Roan on her behalf, Lexa showed that she wasn't afraid of anyone. No one fights for her, and damn, no one should either. Lexa kicked ass, and instead of ending the fight by killing Roan, she ended it by killing the Ice Queen. Lexa's one badass heda.

4. DC's Legends of Tomorrow - Vandal Savage Smackdown

DC's Legends of Tomorrow - Vandal Savage Smackdown
Savage didn't need a three tier pileup to rid the universe of his annoyance, but it sure was fun watching it play out. It was a very nicely edited segment. The fight scenes on LoT have been the best across The CW/DC universe this season, and we hope that continues. We don't think it would be cheap to use this tactic again in some form, either.

5. Girls - My Best Friend

Girls - My Best Friend
Adam and Jessa really let loose when they started fighting about Jessa's friendship with Hanna. She loves Hanna and will never really be able to get over the fact she became one of those girls who dates her friend's ex-boyfriend. Even the mention of Hanna sets Adam off and the two start going at each other and the apartment like crazies. In the end, the apartment is destroyed and the two have had angry makeup sex, but it's unclear what either of them really think about it.

6. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D - Hell Hath No Fury

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D - Hell Hath No Fury
After breaking Hive's mind control, Daisy had to deal with immense, incredible, shattering guilt for her actions, and she begged Hive to take her back. His control was like a drug. But she was cured, and it wasn't possible, which unleashed Daisy's rage, and the pair dueled with their powers and incredible fighting skills.

7. Grimm - Black Claws Beware

Grimm - Black Claws Beware
Nick took on a bunch of Black Claw operatives by himself. He could have asked Trubel to help out, but instead, he chose to keep her and his friends safe. Nick used anything and everything he had handy. He rolled a stove into a guy at one point. Sure, if it wasn't for the magic stick Nick would have been dead, but that doesn't make this fight any more intense and amazing.

8. Gotham - The Bazooka Always Wins

Gotham - The Bazooka Always Wins
When Jim ran out of bullets trying to save Bruce from Azrael it looked like it was the end for our favorite Gotham hero. That is until Penguin and Butch showed up with a bazooka and blew the monster formerly known as Galavan into a million smoldering pieces. Azrael’s extended “Oh” reaction at seeing the bazooka, and Penguin’s admonishing of Jim for not bringing the right equipment just added to the awesomeness of this ass kicking.

9. The Originals - Quick Learner

The Originals - Quick Learner
We can't stress enough just how fantastic the second half of The Originals Season 3 was. Seriously, it was just so perfect, and that's no doubt down to the great fight scenes. In this one, Hayley was trying to teach Cami what it was like to be a vampire, only to have their fight cut short when witches showed up. Cami sure was a quick learner.

10. Lucifer - Drugs and Thugs

Lucifer - Drugs and Thugs
Lucifer and Amenadiel were at odds throughout the entire season, but they came together at the end to take down a common enemy: Malcolm. When they went to the warehouse to find him, they ran into a group of heavy-hitting drug thugs. The two of them had the time of their lives acting like comic superheroes performing ridiculously fun stunts to take the thugs down.

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