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31 of TV's Most Beloved Captains

31 of TV's Most Beloved Captains

Kirk, Beckett, Brass. Leaders of valor who value those they stand for make an impression and leave a legacy. Who would YOU follow? Who rallies your courage?
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Gotham Season 5 Episode 12 Review: The Beginning...

Gotham Review: The Beginning...

On the series finale of Gotham, Bruce returns to Gotham with a new identity while the criminals start to wreak havoc. Was it a worthy finale? Read on!
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Gotham Season 5 Episode 11 Review: They Did What?

Gotham Review: They Did What?

On Gotham Season 5 Episode 11, Jim and the GCPD, and a few surprise friends make a stand against Nyssa, Bane, and Wade's army to save Gotham. Did all of them survive?
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Gotham tells the origin story of this famous city. It will follow detective Gordon and many familiar faces when they were young.

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The less you have the more they're worth. To friends.


Jim: What's your name?
Selina: Why's that your business?