Castle Season 7: Top Scenes, Worst Episodes & More!

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This season of Castle had its highs and lows - but it’s hard to be disappointed when we found something to enjoy in even the weakest episodes.

From 3XK’s return and eventual demise ... to Rick’s partially explained summer disappearance ... to the mystery behind Hollander’s Woods, we're here with the top scenes, worst episode and most poignant moments from Castle Season 7.

Why did we give it an A-? Find out now...

1. Best Episode: Castle Season 7 Episode 15, Reckoning"

This may be my favorite two-parter of the series to date. Why? 3XK was a truly worthy adversary. Dr. Kelly Niemann was cold bloodedly creepy, and Rick finally outsmarted his nemesis. But this two-parter had what the others did not. Our dynamic duo got to go home together and openly comfort one another at the end of a horrifying case.

2. Worst Episode: Castle Season 7 Episode 17, "Hong Kong Hustle"

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Kate Beckett insecure. In small doses it can be fun but this felt contrived and, even worse, boring. Add to it that Beckett wrote a list of priorities for her future that the audience never saw and this was a ho-hum episode we could have done without.

3. Best Villain: 3XK

Castle and Beckett have faced plenty of murderers over 7 seasons, but 3XK has been the smartest and most formidable of the bunch. That’s what made his return so satisfying. Watching Jerry Tyson play a highly intelligent game of cat and mouse with Castle in interrogation was a highlight of the season.

4. Funniest Moment: Ryan and Esposito Get Lucky

We love it when the team at the 12th precinct gets competitive and Castle Season 7 Episode 19 was no exception. Ryan and Esposito went all out to win the NYPD talent show. Our only disappointment was we didn’t get to see them do this number on stage and in costume. We’re sure it would have been hilarious.

5. Best Twist: Why Castle Writes Murder Mysteries

Rick first mentioned it back in season 2 but the truth didn’t pop up until this season. Rick Castle stumbled across a dead body and a serial killer in “Hollander’s Woods” when he was just 11-years-old. The killer who was never caught and the mystery he couldn’t solve were what drove him to become a world famous mystery writer.

6. Worst Twist: Kate Becket for Senate

We know Beckett is extraordinary. We know she could succeed at anything but let’s face it, we don’t tune into Castle to see a show about politics. We want to see Rick and Kate living their lives and solving unique, sometimes quirky murder mysteries. Leave the politics to Scandal.

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