Days of Our Lives Photos for the Week of 12/07/2015

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Steve and Kayla reunited and afterwards, Kayla makes Steve an offer but he ups the ante with a surprising question.

Elsewhere, Ben takes off with the baby after chaining Chad and Abigail to the bed and setting the cabin on fire, while back in Salem, Rafe tries to talk some sense into Hope. 

Check out these photos from Days of Our Lives beginning the week of December 7, 2015.

1. Steve and Kayla Reunite - Days of Our Lives

Steve and Kayla reunite and afterwards, he gets down on one knee and asks her to marry him once again.

2. Burning to Death - Days of Our Lives

Ben takes off with the baby after he sets the cabin on fire with Chad and Abigail chained to the bed inside.

3. Brady and Theresa's New Townhouse - Days of Our Lives

Brady and Theresa christen their new townhouse as they move in together with little Tate.

4. Hope Tortures Dr. Malcolm - Days of Our Lives

Hope tortures Dr. Malcolm in order to find out who abducted Bo and ends up making a deal with the devil.

5. Abigail Pleads with Ben - Days of Our Lives

As Ben has a complete breakdown, Abigail pleads with him to reveal where he left their newborn baby boy.

6. Andre Targets Belle - Days of Our Lives

Andre DiMera targets Belle in the hopes of finding out what Sami did with the DiMera fortune.

7. Rafe Argues with Hope - Days of Our Lives

Rafe argues with Hope over her strange behavior and he lets it slip that he's in love with her.

8. Theo Gets a Text - Days of Our Lives

Theo gets a cruel but anonymous text. Who is it in Salem that's targeting him?

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