Days of Our Lives Pics for the Week of 8/04/2014

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Daniel turns the tables, Sonny looks for help and Paige decides to change her plans. Check out these photos from Days of Our Lives for the week of 8/04/2014.

1. Adrienne Looks So Sad

Adrienne Looks So Sad
Adrienne looks so sad. Our guess is that she went to give Sami a piece of her mind and Sami's making her regret it.

2. The Slap

The Slap
Jordan looks hell bent on slapping Kate. Somehow Kate looks as though she doesn't really care.

3. Daniel Holds Kristen

Daniel Holds Kristen
Daniel has turned the tables on Kristen. How will she find a way to get to Brady now?

4. Going to Court

Going to Court
Eve meets Jennifer in court over their lawsuit. Haven't we seen this dress on Eve before? Shouldn't she have a new outfit for her day in court?

5. Sonny Goes to Victor

Sonny Goes to Victor
Sonny's good intentions have gone awry. He has to go to Uncle Victor to try and get help handling Will's plan to "teach his mother a lesson."

6. Paige's Change of Plans

Paige's Change of Plans
Paige decides to tell JJ and Eve that she's decided to change her plans. Why does she look so sad?

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That's exactly what being played means, Abigail. You don't even see it happening.


I just think that you should put more effort into just being with Sonny instead of all these schemes, you know? You'd be a lot better off. You're worse than your mother.