Days of Our Lives Spoiler Photos: An Explosive Fourth of July!

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Days of Our Lives is ready to turn up the heat as summer gets into full swing!

The spoiler video for the week of 7-1-2019 shows several couples getting closer, and in many cases hitting the sheets as July 4th approaches.

Ted and Kate appear to be doing the prisoners-in-close-quarters sex thing, Eli proposes to Lani, and JJ and Haley kiss. And Rafe again falls into bed with one of his exes -- this time Sami's sister Carrie.

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Plus John and Marlena confront Eve over her part in Claire's spiral into madness.

There's plenty of other action in Salem too, and the Brady Pub hosts a Fourth of July party!

Check out all the official NBC spoiler photos and then tell us what you're most looking forward to.

Days of Our Lives continues to air on NBC on weekday afternoons. Check your local listings for airtimes.

1. Claire holds Ciara hostage

Claire holds Ciara hostage
Ciara again ends up tied to a bed as Claire snaps and kidnaps her aunt! Will Ben and Marlena figure out where she is before it's too late?

2. Ben searches for Ciara

Ben searches for Ciara
While Claire torments Ciara, Ben and Marlena team up with Hope to try to find her. Could this be the thing that finally redeems Ben for most of Salem?

3. Rafe and Carrie reconnect.

Rafe and Carrie reconnect.
One of Hope's problems with Rafe is that he pays more attention to his exes than to her. Could falling into bed with Sami's sister (after having cheated on Hope with Sami) be the final nail in the coffin of Rafe and Hope's relationship?

4. Eve confronts Jack about what he's hiding.

Eve confronts Jack about what he's hiding.
Now that Jack's decided to go behind her back to try to get the memory drug, Eve knows something's up -- and she's desperate to hold onto him. Will she get the truth out of him, and how far will she go to keep him?

5. Eric discovers Rafe and Carrie in bed.

Eric discovers Rafe and Carrie in bed.
Someone always has to walk in on someone else's indiscretion, and this time it's Eric. Rafe and Carrie will no doubt swear him to secrecy, but will he go along with this plan, considering how much it would hurt both Sami and Hope if they knew the truth?

6. Belle and Shawn try to console Claire.

Belle and Shawn try to console Claire.
It's not easy learning your daughter is out of control and violent. It looks like Belle and Shawn will take Claire's side, but will that do her more harm than good?

7. Salem Celebrates the Fourth of July!

Salem Celebrates the Fourth of July!
The Bradys and Hortons come together to celebrate the Fourth of July. Can they have a decent time despite having recently lost Caroline and the dangerous situation Ciara is in?

8. Eli proposes to Lani

Eli proposes to Lani
Eli plans a romantic proposal for his newly-reconciled girlfriend. Will Lani say yes -- and should she?

9. Things heat up for Kate and Ted.

Things heat up for Kate and Ted.
Kate and Ted are locked up together in the cell in the Dimera tunnels, and it looks like they're going to share more than close quarters and conversation. What will this do to Ted's new relationship with Hope if and when he is rescued?

10. Gabi gets into it with "Nicole".

Gabi gets into it with "Nicole".
Gabi confronts faux Nicole now that they are competitors at Dimera Enterprises. Will she be the one to figure out that "Nicole" is not who she seems to be?

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