Days of Our Lives: The Best and Worst from 2015

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It was a heck of a year in Salem!

From the return of some of our favorite characters and the rekindling of a romance to the murder spree of a serial killer and the copy cat we never expected, 2015 definitely shook things up on Days of Our Lives.

There were moments we won't soon forget and those we wish we could. From the best moments to the worst, the most anticipated stories to the most disappointing, the best redeemed character to the couple we think holds the most potential for the future, it's all right here.

Check out our list of the best and worst that 2015 had to offer on Days of Our Lives.

1. Most Anticipated Return: Bo Brady

Most Anticipated Return: Bo Brady
Bo and Hope were one of Salem’s most popular super couples so when Bo Brady went off to work on an undercover mission that never ended, it left a huge hole in our hearts. When we heard Bo was coming back, we were thrilled and it was wonderful to see him again. The chemistry between Peter Reckell and Kristian Alfonso felt as though they were never apart. Unfortunately Bo’s return was far too short. Too many weeks were spent with him locked away being tortured when all we wanted to see was Bo spending time with family and friends. Even his death felt rushed but despite it all, we were still thrilled to see Bo Brady one last time.

2. Most Disappointing Return: Shawn Douglass

Most Disappointing Return: Shawn Douglass
His return felt like a huge let down. Shawn showed up just as his mother was set to marry Aiden and hung out in Salem just long enough to bury his father. But to be honest, if felt like he came back just to say his marriage was over before flying back to Maine.

3. Best Rekindled Romance: Steve and Kayla

Best Rekindled Romance: Steve and Kayla
They were a super couple in the '80s but time and distance had split them apart. When Steve finally made his way back to Salem, we wondered if there was still hope for this once solid couple. Thankfully, we got our Christmas wish. If Bo Brady's death had one upside, it was that it brought Steve and Kayla back together. Even though we're still not sold on the return of Ava Vitale, we're thrilled to have Steve and Kayla working together as both a couple and a team. We can't wait to see more.

4. Most Anticipated Death: Serena Mason

Most Anticipated Death: Serena Mason
Serena showed up in town with a connection to Eric Brady that had been completely off screen. Then she was launched into the middle of the most boring story of the year. When she was strangled to death by the Neck Tie Killer the only remorse we felt was that her demise didn't come sooner.

5. Most Disappointing Death: Will Horton

Most Disappointing Death: Will Horton
Will Horton died at the hands of the Neck Tie Killer in one of the least expected deaths of the year but it left us with just one question: Why? Will was the son of Sami Brady and Lucas Horton, meaning he had ties to two core families. He was also half of the show's only gay couple. In the past, Will had been both beloved and divisive, which meant he could have had an incredibly interesting future. There was no reason why the writers couldn’t have sent him off to Paris to try and work on his marriage with Sonny and brought him back some time later. Instead, a core character is lost forever for no good reason that we can see. What a senseless loss for Salem and viewers.

6. Most Boring Story: The Elephant Saga

Most Boring Story: The Elephant Saga
The saga of the elephant statues was silly and threatened to put us to sleep. So there were two elephant statues, and Serena hid blood diamonds in one of them in order to get them back to the states. The statue ended up in her one-time-lover, Eric Brady's hands which led to months of watching Serena trying to get her hands on a statue. Instead of creating drama, we continually wished the silly thing would be smashed to pieces just so this story would end. It got to the point that every time fans heard the word "elephant" they audibly groaned. Thankfully, the story, and the elephants, are long gone.

7. Most Anticipated Exit: Jordan Ridgeway

Most Anticipated Exit: Jordan Ridgeway
Back in 2013, Jordan Ridgeway came to town as the mousy physical therapist with a mysterious past. Unfortunately, the “mystery” dragged on far longer than our attention span. Jordan was always one of the most boring characters in Salem no matter who she was paired with romantically or how crazy her family became. When she left town in the beginning of 2015, we breathed a sigh of relief.

8. Most Disappointing Exit: Clyde Weston

Most Disappointing Exit: Clyde Weston
Clyde showed up in Salem and quickly became the town's top villain, intimidating even Victor Kiriakis. He not only stabbed Sonny Kiriakis, but worse, he killed EJ Dimera, Stefano's son, and never had to pay for it. Why have him kill such a major character and the son of the show's biggest crime lord without showing some sort of consequence? As much as we don't really miss Clyde, his lackluster exit was a huge story telling miss.

9. Best Road to Redemption: Theresa Donovan

Best Road to Redemption: Theresa Donovan
It's been a long road for Theresa Donovan. She's been a drug user and a loser. She's been mean and vindictive. Since she turned up in Salem she's been more interested in making other people miserable than on making her life more happy. Finally, the tide appears to be turning for Theresa. For the first time she has goals, like her fashion line for Basic Black and being a good mom. She's shown that she can care about someone besides herself. Even her relationship with Brady has flourished. We hope Theresa continues on the road she's on now because we look forward to seeing more.

10. Character with No Direction: Eric Brady

Character with No Direction: Eric Brady
He was a priest and then he wasn't. He was a nice guy and then he was a complete jerk. He was in love with Nicole, then he hated her, then he was in love with Serena, and then he wanted Nicole again but she wanted Daniel. Now he's a some time photographer who unexpectedly kissed Jennifer Horton and pines after Nicole and drives drunk. From religious nice guy to pessimistic loner, we have no idea what's going on with Eric Brady and we get the feeling that the show doesn't either but we hope they figure it out in 2016.

11. Best New Twist: The Ladies Take Over Basic Black

Best New Twist: The Ladies Take Over Basic Black
Nicole Walker, Theresa Donovan, and Kate Roberts were all in need of a decent story. Now they're running Basic Black along with Anne Milbauer as Theresa's assistant. Although they may have spent most of their time at each other's throats, we're hoping they begin turning things around and working together as a team because when they do, these ladies will take over Salem.

12. Worst Twist: Aiden Jennings Tries to Kill Hope

Worst Twist:  Aiden Jennings Tries to Kill Hope
This could be lumped into Worst Exit and Worst Love Story but we'll stick to just one category. A year ago Aiden was a great guy who showed Hope how to smile again and brought romance back into her life. Fast forward and he’s a gambling addicted, selfish, sociopath who's willing to marry and kill his new bride just to be able to pay off his debt to the Dimera's. Worse yet, Bo Brady's return and subsequent death completely overshadowed Aiden's betrayal and demise. No one is even talking about his motives for attempting to be a copycat killer. If it weren't for his son, Chase, it would be as though all of Salem had simply forgotten Aiden Jennings existed.

13. Couple with the Most Potential: Chad and Abigail

Couple with the Most Potential: Chad and Abigail
They may have spent most of their time apart but Chad and Abigail have the potential to be a true super couple. They certainly have chemistry and they’ve made us believe they truly are in love. Now if Andre Dimera would just stop messing with Chad's brain, perhaps we can get to the fun of having these two together. We hope we don't have to wait long. Salem could definitely use some more love in the afternoon.

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