Elementary: 11 Reasons Why It Still Works

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It's elementary why Elementary has succeeded over the past five seasons.

Some viewers would point to the exotic cases that Sherlock and Joan have solved through the years, aided by Captain Gregson and Detective Bell of the NYPD and an assortment of irregulars which Sherlock has recruited.

Of course, an integral part of the series is the authentic, platonic friendship and mutual respect that has developed between Sherlock and Joan, a rare thing between a man and a woman on the TV landscape.

But most important is the colorful cast of characters, some based on Doyle's creations, others drawn up new for Elementary itself.

Since it's been nearly a year since Elementary finished Season 5, an example of the erratic CBS scheduling which has caused the show's ratings to fall in the last couple of seasons, below is a primer covering some of the series' more important characters.

It's a chance to get caught up before Elementary returns at 10 p.m. Monday, April 30. Also you can watch Elementary online for a refresher as well. 

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1. Sherlock Holmes - The Detective

Sherlock Holmes - The Detective
Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) has his flaws, starting out as a recovering addict. In Season 6, he begins by dealing with a medical condition. But he's always been about the work, solving crimes as a consultant for the NYPD.

2. Dr. Joan Watson - The Partner

Dr. Joan Watson - The Partner
Joan (Lucy Liu) has gone from being a surgeon to a sober companion to Sherlock's apprentice to his partner. She also serves as the expert on all things Sherlock, explaining his quirks to the world.

3. Captain Thomas Gregson - The Boss

Captain Thomas Gregson - The Boss
Although Gregson (Aidan Quinn) isn't always a fan of Sherlock's methods, he respects Sherlock's results and has gone to bat for he and Joan throughout the years. Sherlock in turn has helped Gregson with a handful of personal crises.

4. Detective Marcus Bell - The Believer

Detective Marcus Bell - The Believer
Marcus (Jon Michael Hill) started out skeptical about Sherlock, but he's come around. Sherlock and Joan also have helped him through career and personal issues.

5. Dr. Eugene Hawes - The M.E.

Dr. Eugene Hawes - The M.E.
Dr. Hawes has aided Sherlock and Joan with their cases. He and Sherlock are regular chess partners. After Hawes was almost killed by an explosion in the morgue, he got addicted to drugs, and Sherlock encouraged him to get help.

6. Michael - The Acolyte

Michael - The Acolyte
A new character in Season 6 is Michael (Desmond Harrington), who credits Sherlock for helping him to overcome his addiction. It's too early to tell what else Michael contributes to the series.

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