Game of Thrones Season 8 Trailer Breakdown: What's About to Go Down?

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the trailer for the final season of Game of Thrones is here, and it gave fans a lot to talk about. 

As such, a trailer breakdown is required because there's just so much included. 

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It's packed to the rafters with twists, turns, and some epic fight sequences. 

Have a look at the breakdown below and hit the comments with your guesses about how things are going to play out. 

Game of Thrones Season 8 debuts April 14.

1. A Dark Opening

A Dark Opening
We open with Arya breathing heavily and looking a bit worse for wear. There's blood on her face. It does not look good for her, you guys!

2. Making a Run for It

Making a Run for It
Arya looks like she's running for her life in the next screengrab. We hope she remembered to zig-zag!

3. Is it a White Walker?

Is it a White Walker?
Arya has been a formidable foe for everyone she's faced. With her Valyrian steel dagger on her, we think it's fair to say a white walker is making a run for her. Gulp.

4. Breaking the Tension

Breaking the Tension
We then get to see Ser Davos walking. This has got to be Winterfell, right?

5. Back to the Action

Back to the Action
We return to Arya who is in a worse position than before. This sure looks like a fight to the death.

6. Hiding Out

Hiding Out
Varys, Gilly, and baby Sam, and the women and children of Winterfell are hiding in the crypts while a battle rages above them. Will everyone survive?

7. More Arya

More Arya
“I know Death,” Arya says, “he’s got many faces. I look forward to seeing this one.”

8. Sigh, It's the Greyjoy Ships

Sigh, It's the Greyjoy Ships
This cannot mean anything good, right?

9. A Golden New Addition

A Golden New Addition
There's no Euron in sight, but there is a new character and he's bringing his soldiers with him.

10. WHO Survived?

WHO Survived?
Beric and Tormund survived the destruction of the wall ... unless this is a dream sequence.

11. Bran's New Path

Bran's New Path
“Everything you did brought you where you are now,” says Bran to Sam. It's not the best pep talk given that the dead are fast approaching.

12. Shut Up, Bran

Shut Up, Bran
Something tells us Bran's words of wisdom are not helping the situation.

13. A Change of Scenery

A Change of Scenery

14. That Cersei Grin

That Cersei Grin
Cersei has The Mountain on one side and Qyburn on the other.

15. The Unsullied Arrive at Winterfell

The Unsullied Arrive at Winterfell

16. A King and Queen Arrive

A King and Queen Arrive
It's Daenerys and Jon alongside the Unsullied.

17. Dragon!

Would Daenerys go anywhere without her dragons?

18. Sansa is SHOOK

Sansa is SHOOK
Everyone would probably react the same to dragons showing up, right?

19. A Stunning Shot

A Stunning Shot
This is a stunning shot of Rhaegal and Drogon, right?

20. The Crypts

The Crypts
Daenerys walks into the Winterfell crypts. Jon is already there.

21. What's Wrong With John?

What's Wrong With John?
John looks upset about everything. Could someone else have died?

22. Gendry!

Gendry is back, and he best have more than a few scenes or we riot.

23. A Hero's Arrival

A Hero's Arrival
Ser Jorah Mormont is ready to fight for his queen.

24. A Pre-War Kiss

A Pre-War Kiss
Missandei and Greyworm get up close and personal before the war begins.

25. Fight Night

Fight Night
It's time for the war to end all wars.

26. Jaime Lannister Fights

Jaime Lannister Fights

27. Screams Ring Out

Screams Ring Out

28. Return to King's Landing

Return to King's Landing
Many people are saying they think Sansa is in this scene. Could this be the moment Cersei gets her ultimate revenge?

29. Serving Looks

Serving Looks
Cersei is powerful and could probably take anyone down, but who is she serving the above look to?

30. Taking Flight

Taking Flight
The dragons take flight in the north. How will this all play out?

31. Impressed

Arya looks excited at the prospect of meeting a dragon. The others not so much.

32. Greyworm is Ready

Greyworm is Ready
Greyworm is ready to defend Winterfell. Will he succeed?

33. The Tree

The Tree
Jon shares a moment with the tree that's been popping up a lot of late.

34. He's Back

He's Back
The Hound returns, but will he be there to save Arya?

35. I'll Win

I'll Win
“I promise to fight for the living,” Jaime pleads, presumably to fight alongside everyone at Winterfell. “I intend to keep that promise.”

36. A Mystery Hand

A Mystery Hand
The identity of the person holding the weapon is a mystery.

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