Glee Photos from "Frenemies"

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Glee airs its first episode of 2014 with "Frenemies." Check out pictures from the installment now.

1. Artie, Blaine and Tina

Artie, Blaine and Tina
Artie, Blaine and Tina take to the stag in this Glee scene. It's courtesy of the episode "Frenemies."

2. Rachel Readies an Audition

Rachel Readies an Audition
Rachel takes part in the audition process for her understudy in "Frenemies." It's the spring 2014 premiere of Glee.

3. Santana Gets Made Up

Santana Gets Made Up
Santana prepares for an audition in this scene from "Frenemies." It's the first new Glee episode of 2014.

4. Santana Auditions

Santana Auditions
Santana auditions for a role in this Glee scene from "Frenemies." And she looks mighty hot while doing so!

5. High Fives for Artie

High Fives for Artie
Artie glides down the hallway in this fun scene from the Glee spring premiere. It is titled "Frenemies."

6. Tina and Artie Dancing

Tina and Artie Dancing
Tina and Artie are featured in this Glee scene. It is from the spring premiere, "Frenemies."

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