Jane the Virgin Season 4 Report Card: Biggest Mystery, Major Shocker and More!

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As always, Jane the Virgin Season 4 featured plenty emotional storylines, crazy plot twists and dramatic cliffhangers.

We're all STILL reeling from the ultimate bomb dropped on the Season 4 finale: Michael Cordero, Jane's husband, is still alive.

Just think about the ramifications going forward, especially when Michael finds out Jane has rebuilt a life with his longtime rival, Rafael.

But Michael's resurrection aside, Jane delivered a strong season that not only continues to be a compelling story about three generations of powerful Latina women, it's also a melodramatic story filled with expected telenovela tropes.

Let's take a look back at what we loved, what we hated, our favorite relationships and which characters we're fine never seeing again.

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1. Most Romantic Moment - Petra and Jane Exchange "I Love Yous"

Most Romantic Moment - Petra and Jane Exchange "I Love Yous"
The debate has always been between #TeamRafael or #TeamMichael, but in addition to being #TeamJane, I'm also #TeamJetra! Petra and Jane started off as rivals that grew into best friends. They have brunch traditions, they look to each other for advice, Petra seeks Jane's approval and even though they don't ever say it out loud, they're best friends. The moment where they finally acknowledged it filled my heart with so much joy. And their "I love yous" definitely overshadowed the exchange between Jane and Rafael.

2. Most Shocking Moment - Michael is Alive

Most Shocking Moment - Michael is Alive
This one is a no-brainer. Michael's return made people gasp in excitement, frustration, and perhaps, a healthy mixture of both. The series has spent multiple seasons training the audience to expect the unexpected -- especially when it comes to huge telenovela tropes -- and they even dropped breadcrumb clues leading up to the last minute. And somehow, they still managed to get away with a game-changing surprise that in hindsight, we all probably should have seen coming. Buckle up because exploring how Michael fits into who Jane is as a person now is going to make for a bumpy yet thrilling fifth and final season.

3. Saddest Storyline - Xo's Cancer

Saddest Storyline - Xo's Cancer
Cancer storylines are always devastating but they also bring an ounce of realism. Xo is diagnosed with breast cancer in the latter part of the season which rocks everyone's realities. Since Xo judges herself based on her appearance, being diagnosed has forced her to look past the looks and internalize beauty. And thankfully, she has a sturdy support system that keeps her spirits high.

4. Best New Character - J.R

Best New Character - J.R
Her straight-shooting approach to life is a breath of fresh air for not only the show, but for Petra's life which has, for the most part, been a tangled web of lies and deceit. She's not a fan of Jane, even though everyone is. She doesn't like children, but she makes an exception for Anna and Elsa. And best of all, she makes Petra want to be a person! She actually giggles now! Anyone capable of doing that deserves a spot in her life. And we can't forget that she put aside her anger to save Petra's life from the nameless blackmailer which we'll have to wait until Season 5 to find out more about.

5. It's About Time Moment - Jane and Rafael's Shower Scene

It's About Time Moment - Jane and Rafael's Shower Scene
One word -- HOT! Jane and Rafael's relationship has been brewing since Season 1, however, back then she was a devout virgin. All of that changed after she got married to Michael and once he passed, she had to get back on the horse. Rafael isn't her first partner by any means, but they definitely held out for quite awhile before finally giving in during the steamy shower scene! I know I wasn't the only one cheering on their hook-up and all the subsequent ones.

6. Best Crying Moment - Jane's Book Tour

Best Crying Moment - Jane's Book Tour
Ah, there are so many scenes to choose from because one of Jane's specialties is crying! But I think her breakdown during her book tour after Adam broke up with her was so raw and relatable. She knew she had to hold it all together and talk about her one true love in the book, but she was going through a major heartbreak. Major enough to ugly cry in front of a bunch of women! It was all part of a bigger plan, Jane!

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My parents are here today, not because they are meant to be, but because they chose each other. And in the face of a million obstacles, they chose each other. When it seemed like they should give up, they chose each other. And they keep choosing each other in the face of every single twist and turn life brings them. Every single day. And that is not destiny. That is not fate. That's commitment. For richer or poorer. In sickness and in health. Through stormy days and sunny skies. They have earned their happy ending.


Jane: Oh, I'm no good at this stuff. So, instead of telling you the reasons that I love you, I'm going to tell you the reasons that I don't. I don't love you because you're smart and kind. I don't love you because you're hardworking and competitive and way too defensive.
Michael: I'm not defensive.
Jane: I don't love you because you're incredibly sexy. I love you because you're my best friend and I want to grow old with you. And right now, I am confused about every single thing in my life, except you.