Once Upon a Time Photos "New York City Serenade"

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These Once Upon a Time photos are courtesy of the show's 2014 premiere.

The episode is titled "New York City Serenade."

1. What's Happening Here?

What's Happening Here?
What is happening between these two over dinner? It's hard to tell if Emma is moved by what he's saying or unhappy. We'll have to wait until Once Upon a Time returns to find out.

2. A New Beau

A New Beau
Who is the man with Emma? The dinner looks lovely. Has she found a new boyfriend now that she has no memory of Neal or Capt. Hook?

3. Her Memory Is Gone

Her Memory Is Gone
With her memory gone, why should Emma believe the impossible story that Hook is telling her? We can only hope that he's convincing.

4. She Doesn't Know What to Think

She Doesn't Know What to Think
A son, a new boyfriend, and a pirate who asks her to return to the fairy tale world. Without any memory of her past it's no wonder that Emma doesn't know what to think.

5. Using that Knife

Using that Knife
Hopefully Emma isn't planning on using that knife on Hook. "New York City Serenade" airs on Sunday, March 9th on ABC.

6. Fitting Back In

Fitting Back In
Neal seems to be fitting back in to life in the Enchanted Forest. Wherever he's headed he certainly looks determined.

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