24 Relationships From Chicago Fire and PD... RANKED!

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There have been a lot of relationships on Chicago Fire and Chicago PD, and we mean a lot.

We thought it might be fun to take a stab at ranking them all, or at least, the ones we could remember.

Some of these relationships were disasters, and some have lasted for years. Chances are you'll come across at least one you completely forgot existed. 

Did we forget any? Probably, but scroll through our list and let us know if you agree with our rankings! 

24. Shay and Devon

Shay and Devon
While Shay was definitely one of the best characters, she did not have great taste in women. Devon took advantage of her and robbed her apartment, stealing money and collectibles from Shay, Severide, and Otis. Shay was already in a bad place, and she nearly became suicidal. It doesn't get much worse than that.

23. Olinsky and Meredith

Olinsky and Meredith
These two are going through a rough patch. Olinsky had an affair while undercover, resulting in a surprise daughter. While Meredith has every right to be angry, she is being completely unreasonable about Michelle, and she's unwilling to even talk about it. Instead, she threw Olinsky out, forcing him and Michelle to stay at Ruzek's small apartment. Hopefully these two will work it out, but for now, their drama puts them low on our list.

22. Brett and Harrison

Brett and Harrison
Harrison and Brett were engaged before Harrison broke it off, leading Brett to start over in Chicago. While he did return to apologize, it was clear this guy did not appreciate what he had, even going so far as to imply that Brett can't take care of herself without him. Well, she proved him wrong, and thankfully sent him back to Indiana...by himself.

21. Antonio and Laura

Antonio and Laura
It seems that at one time Antonio and his wife Laura had a great relationship, but the dangers of Antonio's job hit home for her when he was shot. They get in a fight when he returns to work early, leading Laura to pack up the kids and leave him devastated and alone.

20. Severide and Jamie

Severide and Jamie
Severide has not had the best of luck in the romance department. Jamie seemed promising at first, even earning the right to wear his hockey jersey. But, things went south fast when she agrees to represent the evil Maddox. Eventually she did come through and help him take him down, but any hope for their relationship was long gone.

19. Jimmy and Chili

Jimmy and Chili
We love Jimmy, but Chili is in the process of falling off the deep end. Her behavior has been erratic and irresponsible, and it has gotten both her and Jimmy in trouble. It may have been Casey who told Jimmy to break up with her, but until she gets some help managing her grief, it was the right decision. She's a mess.

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